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to think it inappropriate for Ch5 to plug the Fifi partwork ?

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LIZS · 16/02/2007 20:07

on Milkshake this morning Jen specifically plugged the new Fifi magnetic collectable set , purchased week by week in newsagents, ahead of the show. Isn't this a bit of a blatant ad ?

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lizziemun · 16/02/2007 20:17

No. It's been advertised for weeks on all chanels. It is only £2.99 a fortnight which i don't think thats to bad for what you get.

My dd is 3years and she loves Fifi, i have no probelm getting it for her as she will play and read (look at it by herself) with me for hours. We normally buy her a magazine each week anyway.


LIZS · 16/02/2007 20:19

but this wasn't just the regular ad between programmes , it was a specific line by the presenter here it is and go and buy it plug , so more of an advertorial !

OP posts:

LowFatMilkshake · 16/02/2007 20:32

Agree with Lizs, why are presenters plugging items that are advertised non-stop anyway!!

FWIW I am getting DD (also 3) the Felicity Wishes collection and the dolls are lovely and the magazines, are good too - although some things are beyond her at the moment, but we got a nice file to keep them in last time


NightWotcher · 11/11/2022 00:21

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