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to be fed up with people

10 replies

2shoes · 15/02/2007 18:13

picking on poor old cod

OP posts:

colditz · 15/02/2007 18:14

I am fed up with people too. Just people, in general.,


SpookyMadMummy · 15/02/2007 18:15

can I just be fed up??


sazjaz · 15/02/2007 18:31

im fed up to .of havin an abbcess the size of a brussel on my jaw


HEIFER · 15/02/2007 18:33

Spooky - you couldn't be unreasonable if you tried!

2shoes - Cod will be happy, at last a thread where we can say YES YOU ARE BEING UNREASONABLE.........

Poor old Cod - my hoof....


wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe · 15/02/2007 18:44

I had cod for dinner.


2shoes · 15/02/2007 18:46

sazjaz you are not being unreasonable. hope it gets betters oon.

OP posts:

sazjaz · 15/02/2007 18:58

ok am i being unreasonable being a bit miffed that we have to pay mother in law to babysit ????


LieselVentouse · 15/02/2007 19:12

Yes you are being unreasonable. Whats MN without picking on Cod. Now off you pop and let us have our fun.


mummydear · 15/02/2007 19:13

Blimey paying for MIL to babysit - if that was the case I'd rather give it to a struggling 16yr old down the road. Does she need the money however ?


TheCranberriesss · 08/11/2022 19:14

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ as it's the work of a PBP.

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