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People who smoke in car with children in the back - aarrrggghhh!!!!!!! I just want to...

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missingmywine · 08/02/2007 17:30

..stop their car and punch then for being a) so stupid b) thick and c) such arse's towards their children. Fine - kill yourself but please don't do it to your children. grrrrr so said it twice. Rant over and relax....

OP posts:

JoshandJamie · 08/02/2007 17:33

Not unreasonable. I saw a family last weekend that had the gran and granddad in the front seats with the mum in the back HOLDING her baby, no car seat. All three were smoking heavily. Then they got out the car and put the baby (about 6 months old) into a buggy and while leaning over her to strap her in, literally had the fag hanging out of her mouth dangling in the child's face.

I never get involved. Horses for courses. But I had to really hold myself back to not say something. The poor child looked grey.


missingmywine · 08/02/2007 17:37

Sorry mean't to say punch them but I guess you all knew that anyway!

OP posts:

LucyLemon · 08/02/2007 21:57

My dp's mother did this when my girls went in her car as a treat (easily pleased!) on the way back from a Sunday lunch. I saw her light up and she puffed away for the whole journey. I was really cross but silently so as I was in the car behind and find confrontation difficult so I didn't discuss it with her afterwards. My dp is not my children's dad, so she is not their grandmother.
In the future I won't let the girls go in her car again and I don't like visiting her anymore as she always smokes inside her house when we are there. I feel like it is her house and her car so I should just keep them away if I don't like it.
Ooh, it's made me all cross again.


LucyLemon · 08/02/2007 21:58

She does have the window open...but how much difference does that make? And the rest of us freeze to death.


missingmywine · 09/02/2007 09:48

I am bumping this as I am sure there must be some more opinions out there (good or bad!!)

OP posts:

mylittlestar · 09/02/2007 09:53

Don't think people should smoke in the car full stop.

If using a mobile phone is banned, then smoking should be too! IMO!

I've seen people literally struggling with the wheel whilst trying to balance a cigarette and not drop ash everywhere/drop it on themselves... actually I wish they did drop it in their lap and burn their fanjo! That'd teach em!!


Furball · 09/02/2007 10:02

I saw a chap the other day parked up the the parent and toddler bay at a retail park with 2 in the back that were in car seats no older than 4 and he had the window open about 2 inches puffing away. I felt so sad for those poor children.


MegaLegs · 09/02/2007 10:14

I collected a friend's dd from school last week. She gave me her booster that morning - it reeked of fags and by the end of the day so did my car!!


Nip · 09/02/2007 10:19

I saw a taxi pick up some kids from nursery the other day, he was smoking and talking on his phone - i was so shocked!

Does he not realise how precious the little kids in the back are!

It's horrible, unfortunately i'm a smoker (giving up on Sunday though! and have NEVER smoked in a car - i hate the thought and the smell it leaves!


Iklboo · 09/02/2007 10:25

I spent my days out as a child in the car with both my parents and my nan puffing away about every 10 minutes with all the windows rolled up and, usually, the heater on. Every journey ended up with me being sick. They used to think I was travel sick, but I was never sick when I went anywherwith my friend's parents who didn't smoke. Hmmmm. I see a connection.

My parents look after DS on a Sunday morning for me. Their idea of not smoking in front of him was to stand in the kitchen of theirs with the door open blowing the smoke outside, but with the hand holding the fag inside, taking a drag inside.....


megandsoph · 09/02/2007 10:27

I went bollistic about this yesterday when my ex husband mentioned that he had a fag whilst taking my children swimming. I went mad and he turned round and said " aye but the window was open and I had stopped at the traffic lights" Feckin idiot

Thank goodness he can only bother his arse to see them a couple of times a year.


Nothinglefttochoose · 03/03/2019 10:20

It’s chid abuse in my opinion.


iklboo · 03/03/2019 10:22



MuddyMoose · 03/03/2019 10:36

I know this is a zombie thread but seeing as it's been bumped I'd like to say I'm so glad to see that smoking in a car with a child is now banned in the UK. 🎉


Fiveredbricks · 03/03/2019 10:37

Wow. Talk about ZOMBIE THREAD.


SerenaOverjoyed · 03/03/2019 10:39

I remember my granddad did this and it was really difficult to breathe, even with a window cracked


SerenaOverjoyed · 03/03/2019 10:39

Opps, zombie


IAmMeThisIsI · 03/03/2019 11:16

Oh iklboo I also would get car sick with smoking parents! I would be so bad my mother gave me a motion sickness pill. They said it was because I was reading. Looking back, it was probably the smoking!


tor8181 · 03/03/2019 22:59

ok why redo this?

its now illegal


WhentheRabbitsWentWild · 03/03/2019 23:03

Boy you got some repressed anger issues there Hmm

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