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AIBU? expect more than 20 months without a sodding period?

10 replies

Flamesparrow · 07/02/2007 16:47

C'mon - the kid's not 1 yet.

I don't want stomach ache and hormones I can't control.

I wanna be a boy.

(return of periods has hit me hard - it does explain my tantrum last night, and tears this morning because DD couldn't go to pre-school [)

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BuffysMum · 07/02/2007 16:49

20 months - luck you, let turn this into a competition I got a whole 13 months off even though I was still full time b/f and now with the Mirena coil 16 months on still get periods.

All I can say is I MUST be very fertile (will go stomp off now)


Flamesparrow · 07/02/2007 16:54

I was wanting to be able to say "i had 2 years without it" but apparently not

for yours - esp the mirena!!

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Lazycow · 07/02/2007 16:55

Sorry Flamesparrow but ditto BuffysMum. I bf exclusively on demand and had my first period when ds was 3 months old. Then proceded to have one every month after that for 17 months.
Then I had a 6 month break but that was just before and after I stopped bfeeding - go figure

They are back now that ds is 2.3 oh joy !!


foundintranslation · 07/02/2007 16:58

Mine were back at 6 months - despite exclusive bf with 5-6 night feeds.


grouchyoscar · 07/02/2007 17:05

14mths period free while bf.(even having a non mirina coil installed when ds was 3mths old)...then about 2 weeks on with horrid mucky blood (sorry if tmi) Like my body was having a jolly good clear out. Then back to a 32 day cycle.

Am I odd to be happy to have them. At least I know that everything is ticking over nicely.

But yeah, it was good to be period/pmt free while it lasted


Flamesparrow · 07/02/2007 17:07

Noooooooooo not two weeks on!!!!!!!!! I'm going away!! I don't wanna be all hurty and gunky and bleurgh.

OP posts:

FionaB27 · 05/06/2008 01:33

Period back already; DD only 3 months. Has lasted 10 days so far...
Bf on demand, had Mirena fitted 2 weeks ago
Wouldn't count on being fertile/ everything working, though as had PCOS with bleeding 3 weeks in 4 before pregnancy and took over 1 year to conceive.

What I would have given for nearly a year of no periods... Sorry, but I think you've done OK, sparrow...


TheHedgeWitch · 05/06/2008 01:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

suzywong · 05/06/2008 01:42

I can top trump the lot of you

I never STOPPED bleeding after both emergency Ceasars, the last bit of lochia turned in to a full blown period at 6 WEEKS!

bf constantly

do I get a prize?
or at least some iron?

as Chopper Reid would say "harden the F up"


lubyluby · 05/06/2008 07:07

my story is like suzywongs too. i bf fully on demand all three of my children for at least 12 months each and all three times my period rerturned at 6 weeks p/n! i was gutted to say the least i had only stopped bleeding post birth a couple of weeks before and with my first was so looking forward t at aleast another year of no period.

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