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DH being a git...

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Scootergirl · 02/02/2007 13:44

I've been ill with d and v for a couple of days but managed to ger up and on with it this morning.
DH went into work for the morning then came home for lunch in peace because I took DD (3) and DS (9 months) out for lunch.
DS fell asleep on the way home but was woken after about 15 minutes after we got home by tuneless warbling from DD.
DH took him for a 10 minute oush around the block then came back, dumped the pram in the kitchen and literally DRAGGED DD off the sofa where she was quite happily watching a video quietly and made her go out for a bike ride with him.
This appeared to be purely so he didn't have to deal with DS, who I admit, is something of a handful particularly when he hasn't had enough sleep.

OP posts:

Flamesparrow · 02/02/2007 14:07

I'd be pleased if DH took DD out... but then she is my hellish child, so its a different matter!

I dunno... the reason makes him a git, but its better than legging it to the pub/golf/ignoring everyone whilst playing computer...

Hows the sleep goin?


Sheraz · 02/02/2007 14:11

Don;t think it makes him a git.


Pinotmum · 02/02/2007 14:11

Considering who've not been well he has taken the easy option here. My verdict is GIT. I suggest you feign a fit of the vapours and leave him to cook dinner (or order take away)


PoppiesMum · 02/02/2007 14:13

Hmm, git maybe a bit strong, but can understand your annoyance if dd was quite happy where she was. Is he still about? Can you ask him to take them both out for a walk while you sleep?


Scootergirl · 02/02/2007 17:03

Sorry - had to post that quickly as they came home, DD crying, after three minutes because she was tired...
It just seems that I always have to deal with stroppy DS (especially in the night Flame!) and he always gets to snuggle on the sofa reading stories with DD.
Sleep is still rubbish but I'll have to bite the bullet and find something that works because he's going for a sleepover next Friday while we go to the welcome home from the war party on camp.

OP posts:

Animation · 08/07/2010 16:39

Git - because he takes the easy option when you are still drained after D and V.

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