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Ever been in a situation where you've wanted to bash a family member in the face?

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funkimummy · 31/01/2007 14:08

I'm not a violent person, but sometimes.......really!!

Bit of a long-winded rant, but here goes.

My DH is a loyal, hardworking, straight-laced kind of guy. Works 6 days a week to keep myself DS and DD in a comfortable lifestyle. He comes from nice family.

My family -

Have a family member (not blood related thank-god) who is a tremendous liar, thief and trouble-maker.

Story -
The troublemaker (lets call her Mrs X) decides to tell my Sister, my Father and my Mother on 3 separate occassions (whilst she was drunk as a skunk.) That her son sees my husband scoring cocaine from his personal drug dealer most weekends!!! (my husband goes out about once every two months!)

Result - Fuming parents, as they know full well that DH is too hard-working and just too tight to buy it!
Even more fuming wife - I had a go at Mrs X and now she's turned it round and twisted the story to her son.

It gets worse -
Her son (15 years of age, uneducated and not living with parents now) never said anything about my DH, and is absolutely mortified! His mother told him that my Mother had stated my DH was paranoid with children and asked Mrs X if there was a possibility of my DH being on drugs.

I don't really know what to do about it. Mrs X poor son is only 15, and his mother has used him to fabricate a complete lie!

If it wasn't so spiteful it would be laughable! DH was prepared to let it go because he thought it came from 15 yr old who has issues. Then realised it came from Mrs X.

I had to tell Mrs X's 15 year old son that his Mother was lying. (He rang me yesterday to find out what went on.) and now I feel awful.

Has anyone else ever had trouble like this where they just feel like becoming a raging idiot?

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funkimummy · 31/01/2007 14:30


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london11 · 31/01/2007 14:51

OMG YESSSSSSS!!!! not quite the same situation as you but my SIL drives me absolutly potty/round the bend/dolally and I would dearly love to throttle her...... too long winded to explain everything shes done over the years but she acts like a spoilt brat, whenever she doesn't like somthing she throws a tantrum until everyone backs down and says just let her do what she wants, don't upset her. My DH doesn't defend me when she is having a go at me, he just says 'don't upset her' and his parents are the same. This week she really upset me (which was annoying in itself) but none of them are bothered, so she wins again. I'm fighting a losing battle...........


saltire · 31/01/2007 14:53

Oh yes, my idiot younger brother


EmmyLou · 31/01/2007 15:00

Breathe deeply and let it go. She'll get a lot of gratifications from seeing all of you wound up and all the various family members mistrusting each other etc.

Don't shoot me, but:

Are you sure you believe the 15 year old, after all he has a personal drug dealer???

A friend had trouble with her DH and cocaine - with the best will in the world, it can happen to the most responsible and loyal over-worked DH's.


funkimummy · 31/01/2007 15:37

Emmylou, I won't shoot!! I've been best friends with my DH since childhood. We experimented with stuff as teenagers IYGWIM. We're also very open with each other, and both very broad-minded, so in the eventuality that something like this would ever arise, we could easily talk about it.

The 15 year old is fuming because he has been lied to by his Mum.

I also used to work for a drug advisory board, so am very conversant with the various effects of drugs and what to look out for. DH is exhausted most days, I know that cocaine has exact opposite effect!

But you see what I mean - she spreads vicious rumours, and people think 'there's no smoke without fire!' If you knew DH, you'd laugh your pants off at such an assumption!!!

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funkimummy · 31/01/2007 15:53

London11 - SIL sounds like a complete cow. My fam do that all the time with this bitch, and after years of being quite a chilled out - mind my own business - don't like confrontation sort of person, I've flipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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allsquareknickersnofurcoat · 27/02/2011 16:41

AIBU to bump the oldest thread I could find...


Sorry, am bored ...


BoysAreLikeDogs · 27/02/2011 16:43

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