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Site not working on phone??

12 replies

laffymeal · 16/09/2015 20:12

Using the PC but cannot get it to work on my phone. Also, it was showing ancient threads...something about "DH wanking to Paul Hollywood making bread"???? Just wondering if the gremlins are back, anyone else having a problem?

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startrek90 · 16/09/2015 20:18

Me too, using home computer now..... nicht gut! I have no idea whats going on. Surely if the gremlins are back the whole site would be down?


laffymeal · 16/09/2015 20:19

Yeah, weird isn't it? It was the old threads coming up that were confusing me. Something odd is going on.

OP posts:

QOD · 16/09/2015 20:24

That thread was shared on facebook today so would be bumped back

Didn't work for me for a.while around 5 on my phone


laffymeal · 16/09/2015 20:26

Ah, thanks. Don't do FB so wasn't aware of anything like that.

OP posts:

anotherbloomingusername · 16/09/2015 20:58

It was playing up for me earlier too.


SinglePringle · 16/09/2015 21:14

Not working on mine - not since around 6pm and still isn't.


laffymeal · 16/09/2015 22:03

Mine still isn't working either, been over 2 hours since I became aware of it. Weird.

OP posts:

Moreshabbythanchic · 16/09/2015 22:57

Mine is ok on tablet but not lap top, really strange.


MissingPanda · 16/09/2015 23:22

Mn wouldn't work on my phone around about 4.15 today. Haven't tried it since I arrived back home.


Cremo · 16/09/2015 23:24

Mine not working either I'm afraid. ??Still fine on the old iPad though so no panic.Smile


SinglePringle · 17/09/2015 18:45

Still not working on mine ...


myotherusernameisbetter · 17/09/2015 18:49

It hasn't been working on my phone since hackergate - i removed the app and re-downloaded it but no joy.

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