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Lidl are going off the rails

21 replies

Pollygin · 16/09/2015 18:13

I thought the whole idea was to keep prices down. They now keep having these vouchers off shopping all the time, silly plastic toys. They are slow at scanning and don't shout at people to using the packing shelf and throw your food on the floor if your not quick enough.

I'm noticing a few prices are going up. I wish they would get back to simpler times and keeping prices down

OP posts:

MetallicBeige · 16/09/2015 18:18

I read on here about how lovely the pastries and the other bakery products were so went to have a look. There were massive flies crawling round all over the bread and pastries. It was all in open baskets near to the fruit and veg - no fly zappers nearby.
I went to another store when on hols - same. I don't do crap hygiene so I left without purchasing anything both times.
I love Aldi though, it's a lot cleaner. Wink


leccybill · 16/09/2015 18:21

I've found the opposite tbh. I think Lidl have lots of special offers on at the moment and it's still as cheap as ever, and I do monitor prices. My DD has enjoyed collecting the Stickeez (one free with £10 spent) and our cashiers are like lightening.
My local store is spotless, I love it.


Littlef00t · 16/09/2015 18:21

Petition for a local aldi, they're staying true to their roots, although I've noticed organic veg and quinoa based products Hmm


IHaveBrilloHair · 16/09/2015 18:22

I went there once, the shop was clean, the staff were friendly and no one threw my continental meats at my head.
The bastards, I've never been back.
At least you know at Aldi you will get reasonably priced cheese, tasty fake Pimm's and a snarly checkout person.


00100001 · 16/09/2015 18:28

they are getting stupid - they have self service checkout and are slowly morphing into Waitrose.



00100001 · 16/09/2015 18:29

when I last went to lidl the woman STOPPED SCANNING so I could pack Shock

I used to like the race of pack as quick as humanly possible vs scan as quick as possible... normally a tie.


ilovesooty · 16/09/2015 18:32

Oh. I think this was complained about BU another poster really recently.

I like Lidl.


ilovesooty · 16/09/2015 18:33

by another poster


somewheresomehow · 16/09/2015 18:45

my lidl doesn't give little plastic toys/thingies away, well it didn't today


WhoisLucasHood · 16/09/2015 18:48

The shops do vary around here but I've found some good ones.


LooseSeal · 16/09/2015 18:55

Last time I was in Lidl the cashier complained I was putting my shopping on my trolley too fast and he couldn't keep up with me. When I explained I was planning to take it to the packing shelf to pack it properly he looked utterly baffled by the concept.


MrsGentlyBenevolent · 16/09/2015 19:13

Strange this thread popped up. Went to Lidl in the first time in months today. Bakery was as nice as always (we bought half the offerings) but the meat was overpriced and didn't look half as nice as Aldi cuts (especially the gammon!). Very disappointed, if they didn't sell my favourite crisps, I don't think I'd bother again. Oh, and they only had one till open, basically threw the shopping at us, and started ringing up the next person's shopping even though my partner hadn't even managed to grab his change yet Angry. Very rude service actually, Aldi are fast but never seem rude about it.


laffymeal · 16/09/2015 19:15

Lidl are shit. Aldi forever.


70isaLimitNotaTarget · 16/09/2015 19:18

Petition for a local aldi ..............we have one opening next week Grin

I like Lidl dishwasher tablets but our local one is being renovated so a bit topsy turvey.

No continental meats thrown at me either.


OhSoggyBiscuit · 16/09/2015 19:25

I wish our Lidl was closer :(

It's 3 miles away in a really awkward place to get buses to/from so I make maybe 5 trips a year and never with heavy items.

Our one is very clean and the pastries are free of nasty flies. And oh, their chocolate covered gingerbread at Christmas...


PlymouthMaid1 · 16/09/2015 19:25

Must depend on areas as I can't stand our Aldi but visit Lidl weekly although I am watching for price creep.


FiveGoMadInDorset · 16/09/2015 19:39

Ours two closest are 15 miles away, so not worth the trip to go there.


LoadsaBlusher · 16/09/2015 20:17

My local Lidl had the rudest checkout lady ever - rolls her eyes , talks across me to other cashiers about nights out whilst serving me , it's ridiculous really that I have to put up with the blatant ignorance but I really like the pumpkin topped rolls so I have to put up with it for my weekly fix.

I didn't get any free toys either and I spent £32 there on Tuesday.

My local Aldi has a weird front door , all jammed In the corner of a retail park , I don't like it because I feel hemmed in when I go in and out.

I know this sounds weird but I like the front entrance of a shop to be open and accessible , the Aldi is tight / dark and one way system for in/out.

Other than this quite like the products.

I shop mostly between Tesco & Lidl though .
I love the little mini kids trolleys in Lidl , like a basket trolley with a kids seat.


LindyHemming · 16/09/2015 20:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yeOldeTrout · 16/09/2015 20:26

Do most Lidl's have the little voice to tell you checkouts are opening or closing. With shiny lights glowing over the tills?

The little voice to say "We'd be happy to help you at another till!" really narks me off.


UterusUterusGhali · 16/09/2015 20:29

I'm an Aldi girl.
The "German deli" is just all nuts and meat and temptation.
And it's dirty. And the wine is shite.

I can cope with the rudest manager In the history of retail ever in order to get my decent bottle of £4 Aldi wine. :)

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