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AIBU to wish dairy-free would become trendy too?

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OhSoggyBiscuit · 13/09/2015 20:06

I can only find dairy-free ice cream in a few supermarkets and it seems 80% of chilled ready meals have cream or cheese. Just for once I would like pasta that was not spag bol. Even sausage and mash always has cream in the mashed potatoes making it unsuitable.

I can't even be sure sometimes McDs don't mishear me and put cheese in my burger when I say not to. Angry That meant I had to wait another 10 minutes for them to get me a new burger minus the cheese.

OP posts:
trixymalixy · 13/09/2015 22:54

Dairy and soya free is a total bugger. Life became so much easier when DS outgrew his soya allergy.

featherandblack · 13/09/2015 22:57

I think gluten-free stuff tastes dreadful. Not being gluten intolerant, I see no reason to subject myself to it (whilst having every sympathy with those who do). Except that I cannot eat dairy. And it's bad enough not being able to eat dairy. Having the few free-from foods available ruined by also being gluten-free is just beyond a joke...

OhSoggyBiscuit · 13/09/2015 23:02

I quite like the lactofree cheddar cheese and yoghurt. I'm glad I can buy replacements for those. Sadly they don't seem to do ice cream :(

I have a tub of the Swedish Glace stuff in the freezer that I should dig out and try!

Unfortunately any sort of chocolate product more then £2 is quite out of my limited budget :(

OP posts:
lorelei9 · 13/09/2015 23:04

there's loads of dairy free choc out there and quite reasonably priced even for a tight git like me Grin

might be time to do some label study. Don't like the idea of you risking it with dairy milk or whatever.

SlowlyGoingINSAINIA · 13/09/2015 23:05

This online shop sells meals that are gluten free and dairy free: they taste quite nice too!

SlowlyGoingINSAINIA · 13/09/2015 23:07

Asda lacto free chocolate is about 40p.

sproketmx · 13/09/2015 23:10

I could see me taking a strop if this was to happen. I loooove full fat milk - prefer unpasteurised , proper cream, real ice cream.

lorelei9 · 13/09/2015 23:10

PS I mostly shop at Aldi but their high % dark is lovely.

Some of the Green & Black is vegan - do try the Maya Gold, it's fab - and they are on 3 for £5 at Tesco.

now feeling a bit Blush at my chocolate knowledge....

lorelei9 · 13/09/2015 23:10

PS I mostly shop at Aldi but their high % dark is lovely.

Some of the Green & Black is vegan - do try the Maya Gold, it's fab - and they are on 3 for £5 at Tesco.

now feeling a bit Blush at my chocolate knowledge....

RomComPhooey · 13/09/2015 23:12

Maya Gold is indeed mighty fine. I also like the G&B Sour Cherry dark chocolate and the one with crystallised stem ginger.

BankWadger · 13/09/2015 23:18


The free from section is all gluten free and about 4 things dairyfree. I've inadvertently eaten dairy somehow and have felt drugged all day, plus a few other unpleasant side effects.

No I'm not allergic, but being a zombie with 2 young children is no fucking fun.

I can't have lactose free either I'm that sensitive to milk products now. I've even had to have liquid forms of some medications because the tablets are all balked out with lactose.

BankWadger · 13/09/2015 23:19

The drugged feeling thing is today. I've eaten something last night and felt drugged today.

GetTheFudgeOutOfRodge · 13/09/2015 23:21

DD has milk protein allergy and the supermarkets here sell very little in the way of substitutes for things like butter or cheese.
We've also had gluten free foods offered many times after explaining about the milk protein allergy

trixymalixy · 13/09/2015 23:22

I thought G&B had to remove their vegan labelling? It's certainly not suitable for milk allergy sufferers.

BankWadger · 13/09/2015 23:23

Dark chocolate is all well and good, but is no substitute for flakey butter pastry full of pie Sad

yes I know commercial pastry doesn't have butter in it, but I don't like palm oil or all the shit in it and it's not buttery

rumbleinthrjungle · 13/09/2015 23:24

The Kinnertons dairy free choc is good - however Tescos recently stopped stocking it to better flog their own rice milk chocolate which tastes like a bar of soap.

I hear you OP. I'm gluten and dairy free and eating out is hard work. I had to spend several days away on a course recently and lived on packet ham and fruit from the Tescos express as there was pretty much nothing else I could eat from the shops or restaurants. Much of the ready made gluten free stuff has dairy ingredients, and dairy free desserts when you're eating out.... forget it! Which is sad, as it's easy to make great dairy/gluten free cakes and ice creams.

BankWadger · 13/09/2015 23:27

GetThe I was onced offered UHT milk by someone who didn't understand what UHT milk is vile tasting highly processed and overly treated to not go off on the shelf, but still full of lactose and general dairyness

ouryve · 13/09/2015 23:27

I go through can and can't phases with dairy, but I do with there were more pasta ready meals with no dairy (or hot spices) in because my 11yo with ASD get horrible cheese trigered migraines and it would be nice to have more options of stuff that I can quickly nuke for him when I want to eat something home made that's a bit more bloody exciting than slop and pasta (him) or crap and chips (his brother, who also has ASD.

ouryve · 13/09/2015 23:35

And agreeing that lactose free is so easy compared with a decade ago. You can even get lactofree cream now!

TheExMotherInLaw · 13/09/2015 23:45

I, too am sick (literally sometimes) off the lactose free stuff that is pushed on me - people get quite sniffy when I try to explain that lactose free still makes me just as ill.
One Christmas party myself and a gluten and milk intolerant friend had absolutely nothing to eat at a buffet, as the person providing had got everything that wasn't actually cheese based from the gluten free range at M&S - all butter mince pies, gluten free cheesy crackers. We sat there like a pair of lemons, drinking black tea. (both driving)
Someone mentioned dairy free cornettos in tesco - I'll have to investigate those.
trixymalixy, you're a genius!

Squishyeyeballs · 13/09/2015 23:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnaForbes · 13/09/2015 23:49

I'm not sure what you mean by 'trendy'. my ds suffers life -threatening allergies. Its not trendy, its scary. Confused

maddening · 13/09/2015 23:51

Could you freeze your dairy free yoghurt? Frozen yoghurt is as yummy as icecream.

Unfortunately it is driven by the number of people allergies so you need more people to suffer them to drive the demand up.

trixymalixy · 14/09/2015 07:54

Anna the point of the OP is that the range of gluten free food available to genuine allergy/intolerance sufferers has expanded greatly since it became trendy to avoid gluten. She's wishing dairy free became as trendy so there's more choice available for her.

goblinhat · 14/09/2015 07:56

Then don't eat ready meals.

They are rank anyway.

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