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Nose stealing

13 replies

Ma77Black · 13/09/2015 16:52

My DF keeps pretending to steal my nose. When I was a toddler I used to get really excited and steal it back. Now I'm 3 and 3/4 and I know my nose is stuck to my face so he can't steal it.

This morning he tried to steal it and I just looked at him, raised an eyebrow and told him, "It's still on my face. You can't steal noses."

My DF looked heartbroken. AIBU? My DF said I should play along in his 'fun' game.

I worry indulging parents spoils them. They need to learn how to live in the real world where nose stealing games are just silly.

OP posts:

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis · 13/09/2015 16:59

Aw stop being mean. He'll only do it for a few more years. Indulge him.


gobbynorthernbird · 13/09/2015 17:10

A few more years? In my experience at least 37 more years.


FishWithABicycle · 13/09/2015 17:28

Golly. OP you are more mature at 3&3/4 than my DS is at 6. You may have a marvellous career in accountancy ahead of you.


CrohnicallyAspie · 13/09/2015 17:35

Steal his back. That'll learn him.

CrohnicallyTantrumming age 2 3/4


ThroughThickAndThin01 · 13/09/2015 17:36

Don't be so mean OP


TheCunnyFunt · 13/09/2015 17:37

My 4yo DD loves the nose stealing game, she actually gets really upset if you don't give her it back :o


FayKorgasm · 13/09/2015 17:39

It's perfectly acceptable to bite the nose stealer on his nose.

MiniKorgasm age 7


Pobspits · 13/09/2015 17:41

YABU To have never fallen for such tomfoolery - even at 18 months when this was tried on me I gave the Hmm face and said 'no'.

I'm 5 soon and obviously know everything there is to know in world....sometimes though I indulge my DMs need to 'teach' me by pretending I can't read words I've read 3 million times before. Weirdly she doesn't appreciate this.


passthewineplz · 13/09/2015 17:43

Play nicely children!

I love this game, along with dodging the crocodiles on the floor


Ma77Black · 13/09/2015 17:51

Since there's a 7 year old and a nearly 5 year old present, I've decided I'll bite the next time DF 'steals' my nose. Also, I, erm, never really fell for it. tries desperately to impress the big kids as usual

OP posts:

SilverNightFairy · 13/09/2015 18:00

Thank you for bringing back a lovely toddler was playing steal the nose with her father. Apparently, getting wise to the game, she grabbed her nose back from him and popped it back on her face. The expression of self satisfaction was times...


SistersOfPercy · 13/09/2015 18:32

Sigh I have the same issue. I bite her when she does it, not hard, just the little play bite I like to do. Thing is, I know she's not got my nose because its black and furry not pink. Stupid woman. Just because I'm a dog doesn't mean I'm thick!


MammaTJ · 13/09/2015 18:45

My Mum takes the top of her thumb off. I know she doesn't really now, but it used to impress me out of having tantrums.

I still spend ages trying to work out how she does it though.

The nose thing never fooled me.

MammaTJ's DD (age 10)

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