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To think that boys and girls can play together if they like

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LittleLionMansMummy · 11/09/2015 09:55

Dsis and bil have 2 boys, 6 and 8. My ds is almost 5. We were at their house yesterday and bil was relaying the tale of a school drop off. Their eldest arrived in the school playground and asked some girls if he could play with them. Bil apparently shouted out "What do you want to play with girls for?!" Bil was apparently horrified. This isn't the first time he's drawn lines in the sand between 'girls' play and 'boys' play which really irritates me. Their youngest later referred to my ds as a 'girl' for doing something or other - a term he's clearly heard from his dad. Ds loves his cousins and spends quite a lot of time with them, but I don't want him to be influenced into thinking some things are off limits because of other people's gender biases. We never make a big issue of anything in this way and encourage him to play with everyone. We also go on the basis that there is no such thing as boys and girls activities - he'll make up his own mind about what he wants to do and who he wishes to play with and there's enough peer pressure as it is without adults adding to it.

Bil is always coming out with things like this, referring to his sons as 'pussies' if they fall over etc. He also insists on encouraging ds to play football when he's over there (he has no interest in football).

AIBU to object to this and if not, how do I react in future?

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Wolfiefan · 11/09/2015 22:52

He's an arse.
If you ignore it your kids will think you agree with him. Challenge him or avoid him.
Imagine. " Sorry I can't interact with you as you have a penis and I have a vagina!"

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