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been back at school four requests already started

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coffeeisnectar · 09/09/2015 18:27

Dd brought home a letter about swimming lessons (which run 30 mins past school finish time) and they are requesting 13.50 to cover "costs". Her old school also did swimming lessons and they were free despite having to mini bus the kids there. At this school it's a five minute walk. I'm not sure what's these costs are.

Went onto parent pay and found two items to be paid for. 12 for art and craft materials. And 195 for music tuition.

They have a three day residential in November costing another 175.

This is just your average state school. Dd is 9. Aibu to think it's taking the kids??

We are on benefits, the school effectively want three weeks income from me in the next month!!

OP posts:
mumtoaninja · 10/09/2015 12:29

??100 on day 1 for a residential in July!!!!

BarbarianMum · 10/09/2015 12:30

So many parents were unable (a few) or chose not to (a lot) pay for school trips/residentials that they're no longer offered. Now everyone's furious about that too. But if the school want to do anything to fund-raise (school fete/cake stall) then most people don't want to help and say they'd rather give a termly donation. Confused

HearTheThunderRoar · 10/09/2015 12:31

YANBU other than the music tuition.

It only gets worse once they get to secondary school sadly, Dd asked me for $3 (1.50GBP) the other day to give to her english teacher so she could go buy the class KFC as they were having a Southern American party. I wish I was kidding.

Amongst other things like gold coin donations for this, that and the other.

littleducks · 10/09/2015 12:45

I think some of the comments are unfair.

Our school had a mixed intake including some less well off families. One school trip per year is paid for (budget about ??10 usually to cover coach costs) other trips are free, including the local walls of trip on tube (free) to a museum/gallery/site of interest (free). We get a term of swimming post year in juniors for free, the kids walk there. There is another local school which never uses the option of free tube travel despite being the same distance from a station or get the kids to walk they have coaches to swimming. A large part of it seems to be school attitude as the published budgets show little difference. Our school has won an inclusive award and I think the attitude is obvious in everything they do.

Girlfriend36 · 10/09/2015 13:03

I agree op dd has been back at school less than a week and have been told she will be swimming for this term at ??2 a lesson, I also need to find ??20 to start paying for a school trip next year (will be ??20 a month for next 10 months.)

I would be seriously annoyed at the money for arts and crafts Confused

I would speak to the school re the trip as my understanding is if you are in receipt of certain benefits they can reduce the costs for you.

rainpouringrainbows · 10/09/2015 13:07

I have more of an issue with (secondary) schools who plan a luxury trip abroad. There was a recent article about a school trip to Las Vegas, but our local schools here are just as bad.

The trips are very expensive, and there are other places the kids could visit, staying in Europe for a start.

Is it just me, or isn't that quite unfair for a state school to ask parents to pay for a cruise, or a very expensive week abroad? You don't have to send your own kids, but you don't want them to miss out. It's not like there's nothing to see in the UK.

maybebabybee · 10/09/2015 13:08

??...had to try it

G1veMeStrength · 10/09/2015 13:08

We had an 8 pound trip letter on the first day back! TBH I don't mind because I've grown so used to it, and I don't think our school takes the piss. They have never asked for arts and crafts stuff. I'd be [shocked] at that.

G1veMeStrength · 10/09/2015 13:09
Kaekae · 10/09/2015 13:09

Our school starts swimming in year 4 and it is ??27 to cover the cost of transport. I am fine with this but interested to hear that schools aren't using their pupil premium, how can I find out about the amount my school has spent? Our residential trip is ??120 for three days. I am fine with this, it cost me ??100 for a night at a really horrible Travel Lodge the other night!

BertrandRussell · 10/09/2015 13:12

I wonder if all these "harrumph- asking for money first day back" people are the same who complain on other threads about being asked for things at short notice? Grin

Electrolux2 · 10/09/2015 13:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Electrolux2 · 10/09/2015 13:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notaprincessbutaqueen · 10/09/2015 13:15

dd has been back a week, already had a letter home asking for ??7 for technology. if you don't pay they cant bring home what they make. not sure if that breaks the 'voluntary contribution' laws or not.
went to pay online this morning and noticed a ??4.50 request for a geography field trip. i expect she will bring that letter home tonight.
I find its not that the schools ask for too much, more too often. I remember once, in just one week, i had letters for a residential trip, a trip with choir club, non-uniform day and other fundraising for children in need, and the school photos! and all just before Christmas too! yay!

jessiepinkman · 10/09/2015 13:19

In 3 days I've had ??39 for swim lessons
??10 for a museum trip
??250 for a yr 6 residential

jessiepinkman · 10/09/2015 13:20

Oh not me as well Grin

Greengardenpixie · 10/09/2015 13:20

I get really fed up with it too. We had the musical tuition letter but my dd wasnt interested anyway so that was money saved. Here in scotland they dont have swimming in schools at all so i cant comment on that. As for other things well it seems it is money for everything. However, i am a primary teacher and schools are stretched to the max here. I was given 2 glue sticks for 28 children in my class!!! Parents are not asked to provide this in my LEA which means it comes out of my pocket time and time again. Last session we didn't use any glue as i refused to pay for it. Its the same for pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, coloured pens.I was given a set of pencils and they are basically to last. I was given no sharpeners or rubbers. The parents aren't asked in my LEA so its the teacher that stumps up because she simply cannot do her job without them and it makes life easier. The whole thing is ridiculous and it stinks.

toobreathless · 10/09/2015 13:21

For pupils on PP our school pays for all trips except residentials where they pay half, all music lessons and instrument hire and gives parents one bit of every branded uniform so jumper, tie, PE shirt, PE bag.

Greengardenpixie · 10/09/2015 13:22

I'm basically saying this to make others aware about how tight it is in schools for resources here in Scotland. I'm sure its equally as bad in England and Wales.

dazzlingdeborahrose · 10/09/2015 13:28

Day 2 - Trip to NY - ??1200. Do I win? Wink

Pyjamaface · 10/09/2015 13:31

DS has been back for a week and so far I've paid ??5 for a museum trip, and had a letter yesterday for tennis club which is voluntary (fine) to be paid ??46 today! DS really wanted to do it but I've had to say he will need to wait until next term if they run them. I can budget/save for the lessons, I can't pluck money out of the air overnight.

That isn't as annoying as the junk mail he has bought home every day. At least 3 pieces trying to sell books/apps/graze boxes/clothes

ClearBlueWater · 10/09/2015 13:37

Last term my kids primary charged us 2 quid for the kids to walk 500 yards round to the High School to watch them do a dress rehearsal for their Christmas show. In class time.
We are broke, but even I can find 2 quid.
But what was it for?
Local rumour is, staff Xmas party.
Wouldn't surprise me.

No music lessons (they've just stopped music teachers in our county) so it is done in class and consists of listening to CD's from what I can tell.

No languages (just learning to count to ten in French age 11 anyone?)

No day trips (unless you count a Tesco 'learn about where your food comes from' couple of hours). Paid for that too.

greengarden I'm in Scotland too.
My dyslexic ds forgot his pencil case 1st day back at school.
Teacher didn't have a pencil to lend him, apparently....

Yet the SNP budget is underspent. Angry

Caroline36 · 10/09/2015 14:14

Crikey you'd moan if you were me then. I have to pay £200 every two months (block of 10) or so for my youngest two's swimming lessons. My dd's music tuition is £50 per month, ds's sports club another £30 per month, ds's skating £20 per month then there is brownies, beavers, football coaching etc the list is endless. Children cost a lot money I'm afraid and if us parents want our children to partake in these activities then we have to pay.

ShowMeSaturn · 10/09/2015 14:14

Infant school.

70 pounds for a short course of French lessons for 6-7 year olds.

OP, if you're on a low income regardless of benefits, you can get the Pupil Premium discounts by applying through your school or council, which offers free or discounted uniform, school day trips, meals, etc etc

wannabestressfree · 10/09/2015 14:26

It makes me cross when people claim to 'know it all' about PP. Yes it can be used for different things eg we put some money every day on PP children's cards for breakfast but its also linked to other things......
You are PP if your parent is serving in the armed forces....
You are PP if your parent/ carer has claimed benefits in the past four years.
We use it for text books, after school tuition, uniform, making trips accessible amongst other things, making 'life' accessible.....
Its not a scam run by schools. LAC have their own pot. Its there to bridge the gap as someone has already said..... as our low achievers are generally those on low income with low aspirations and it does work.

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