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to ask if anyone knows the cheapest place to buy ceramic wall tiles

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MariaPhipps · 09/09/2015 16:32

just that really - need to tile wall in kitchen with minimal funds

OP posts:

sparechange · 09/09/2015 16:45

I used B&Q basic square white tiles years ago, and they were fine...


sparechange · 09/09/2015 16:47


squoosh · 09/09/2015 16:51

I bought brilliantly bargainous tiles from Walls and Floors very recently.


soloula · 09/09/2015 17:05

We used b and q plain white square tiles in our kitchen. They were about 4.50/m2. You can go with coloured grout - we did black but grey looks great too - as a cheap way to fancy them up :)


TenForward82 · 09/09/2015 17:09

Oooh, also interested in this. Just got quoted ??80 a square metre by our builders! That can't be right, can it?


HereIAm20 · 09/09/2015 17:28

Look for a local independent. Found a tile in Fired Earth for ??90 per square metre but a really similar (so similar you'd not notice) for ??25. All sorts of other bargains including metro tiles etc


HereIAm20 · 09/09/2015 17:29

Dont know why it changed my pound sign to ??


molyholy · 09/09/2015 18:02

When wickes have their special deals on, they are pretty good. They have a 25% off all tiles some weekends. We bought them at full price and next weekend they were reduced. My dh went back, showed his receipt and they refunded 25%.


QueenArseClangers · 09/09/2015 18:05

Yes to Walls and Floors. Tiled our bathroom with white metro tiles for about ??160 including delivery. They have discount codes too.

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