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AIBU to make a wedding inspiration Pinterest board

13 replies

MakStout · 02/09/2015 18:41

...even though im single and still married to arsehole STBXH?

My wedding was shit, mainly because even then i dont think i wanted to get married. I may never get a "real" wedding, can i plan my dream wedding on pinterest?
on a secret board so my friends and family dont think ive lost it

OP posts:

Witchety · 02/09/2015 18:42

Yes!! Do it


JeffsanArsehole · 02/09/2015 18:43

I have 1500 things pinned I'm never going to make

Have at it


AliceInUnderpants · 02/09/2015 18:43

Go for it! But yes, make it secret! Have fun.


Branleuse · 02/09/2015 18:44

I have one!


godsavethequeeeen · 02/09/2015 18:46

It's a bit Muriels Wedding but if it keeps you positive go for it.

Just don't start listening to ABBA Wink.


mrschatty · 02/09/2015 18:47

I have loads of secret pintrest boards! Go for it


HackerFucker22 · 02/09/2015 18:48

I have one too!! In fact I have two. One for dresses / hair do's / shoes and accessories and another for themes / venues / decorations.

No wedding here! Not even close.


noiwontstoptalking · 02/09/2015 18:48

As long as it is secret. I have a variety of secret boards mostly about sewing projects


cocobean2805 · 02/09/2015 18:49

Do it! Pinterest is awesome! I've just got married and still pin things onto my fantasy wedding board. It's like virtual hoarding. All the crap without the mess. I love it! Grin

I have a secret board full of baby clothes/Christmas handprint ideas/home made nappy covers for children that are yet to be conceived!


TeaAndNoSympathy · 02/09/2015 18:51

Why not?

Pinterest is where I indulge all my secret, geeky obsessions. I don't have any public boards. I may copy you on the wedding one OP.


PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 02/09/2015 19:13

Go for it!

Quite a few of my friends have one called "Obligatory Wedding Board" Grin They all love it!


MakStout · 02/09/2015 19:15

Awesome! If anyone needs me ill be choosing colour schemes...

OP posts:

PedantPending · 02/09/2015 20:57


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