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Go balistic at Go Outdoors for not honouring statutary rights and being incompetent

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smileyfacestar · 01/09/2015 15:43

I am taking every opportunity to bad mouth Go Outdoors.

Bought a tent in March and have used it once for 3 nights. Tent poles were broken when we packed it away. Apparently Go outdoors do not guarantee their poles, not even after 3 nights.

After much emailing, store visiting and complaining they have offered to repair the poles. We got the poles back from HQ where they 'repaired' them and most are still broken (broken poles were clearly marked).

Statutory rights state that products should be fit for purpose and last a reasonable length of time. This is falling on deaf ears.

The store manager was rude, aggressive and basically called us liars(Cardiff branch btw).

This has properly messed up our summer.

Am I unreasonable to pursue through trading standards?

Let this be your warning if you buy a tent from them.

OP posts:

StillStayingClassySanDiego · 01/09/2015 15:44

Apparently Twitter is best to get your point across, do you use it?


cookielove · 01/09/2015 15:46

How much was the tent?

How did they brake?

Yes I would pursue, 3 nights is hardly wear and tear!


smileyfacestar · 01/09/2015 15:47

Hi, yes I've added comments on Twitter and every review site I can find. Strangely the one I added to Go Outdoors own site can't be seen. Weird!

OP posts:

WorraLiberty · 01/09/2015 15:48

Am I unreasonable to pursue through trading standards?

Of course not. Why would you be?

Just give them a ring. I've always found them very good.


smileyfacestar · 01/09/2015 15:49

the tent cost £250 (on offer) but we have spent hundreds on camping equipment as we were starting from scratch. The poles split along the whole length so are completely unusable.

OP posts:

ghostyslovesheep · 01/09/2015 15:49

As long as you where using the polls correctly - not forcing them - I would expect a refund

Polls do break but not as a matter of course

Which tent was it - I have a hi gear kalahari and it's been brilliant


XCChamps · 01/09/2015 15:50

I have some concerns about GoOutdoors too. I and DH have had a few reputable brand things that just aren't as good as you'd expect. i.e. usually reliable manufacturers whose waterproofs leak when purchased from GoOutdoors. Are they secretly selling seconds or grey goods?


smileyfacestar · 01/09/2015 15:50

I've used the template on the Trading Standards site to request a replacement (I would ask for a refund but the dc loved the tent). I might try calling them though if it speeds things up.

OP posts:

museumum · 01/09/2015 15:52

That's awful, but i'd contact the tent manufacturer, often outdoor gear manufacturers are very good about repairs or replacement parts.


smileyfacestar · 01/09/2015 15:53

It's the Voyager Elite 6. We watched the video and followed the instructions and it's all colour coded so not complicated to put up. They have tried to suggest that we did it wrong but we know we didn't.

A friend of mine had pole issues too but didn't pursue it.

OP posts:

CakeMakesEverythingBetter · 01/09/2015 16:24

I am also having problems with them, I feel your pain. YANBU at all. I have been a loyal customer for years, spent thousands in that time and they're not even slightly bothered that they are in breach of the Sale of Goods Act. I'm giving them one last chance to resolve and then I'll be off to Trading Standards too.


Welshmaenad · 01/09/2015 16:50

Go Outdoors are awful and the Cardiff branch especially so.

I may be biased though as my DH is the assistant manager of Cotswold Outdoor in Cardiff Grin


IndomitabIe · 01/09/2015 16:57

Ha, Welsh, I was about to suggest the same thing. DH is ex-Cotswold and we only every buy branded items in GO.

We literally laugh every time an assistant asks if we need help. (Not from you, sunshine). And critique their tent erecting skills (poor). (I'm well aware we need to get out more!)

Cotswold, however, know their shit and will bend over backwards to sort you out.

In fact, I bet if the OP took her tent to a Cotswold they'd have something helpful to say/do. They'd definitely sympathise.


InimitableJeeves · 01/09/2015 17:01

Go to Trading Standards, and also write to them giving 14 days to refund your money failing which you will sue, and point out that if you have to sue they will also have to pay your court fees. If they don't pay, sue via Money Claims Online -


XCChamps · 01/09/2015 17:02

Just to give you another avenue, did you pay by credit card?


Lauren15 · 01/09/2015 17:04

I would put my complaint in writing,to the head office, saying the goods are clearly not fit for purpose, citing the Sale of Goods Act 1974. I would give them a reasonable time to rectify the situation eg two weeks. If they don't act, I would then contact trading standards. You can look on the internet for more precise information (especially the exact legislation!) to help you write your letter. Include a copy of your receipt and make sure you use recorded delivery. I had to do this with B and Q once and it worked a treat!


poorbuthappy · 01/09/2015 17:05

Ummm Cotswold Outdoor Cardiff? An alternative to GO Outdoors?? Sounds interesting!!!


IndomitabIe · 01/09/2015 17:09

Head office address:
GO Outdoors Head Office, Cuthbert House, Arley Street, Bramall Lane, Sheffield S2 4QP, ...


Casimir · 01/09/2015 17:10

Yay, three cheers for naming a company that needs to go out of business.


Egosumquisum · 01/09/2015 17:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pipbin · 01/09/2015 17:16

Ummm Cotswold Outdoor Cardiff? An alternative to GO Outdoors?? Sounds interesting!!!

Am I missing something here?
There is a shop in Cardiff called Cotswolds Outdoor and a different shop called Go Outdoors. What is so interesting?


PausingFlatly · 01/09/2015 17:20

As of this year, we also have the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

I've only had a cursory look through, but it's explicit about replacements and refunds. It also covers electronic goods and services.


VirtuosoRidiculoso · 01/09/2015 17:41


I was wondering whether to complain to Mountain Warehouse in Cardiff about some advice I was given that left me with no gas on my virgin camping trip. Customer service seems to be pretty dire in most places these days (except John Lewis!) so perhaps I shan't bother....hummm....

We should have a Mumsnet Cardiff Campers meet up BBQ before the summer runs out!


Welshmaenad · 01/09/2015 18:08

Yes, complain to Mountain Warehouse if they are giving dodgy advice, for definite!

Ok, I've asked DH for advice, he's looked at the tent (assuming it's a 'Hi Gear' Voyager Elite 6?)

Hi Gear is basically GO own brand, which unfortunately means you don't have recourse to a manufacturer but doesn't give them an out in terms of them trying to fob you off to someone else.

At 4m wide that tent is basically too wide and too much canvas to have fibreglass poles - that's why they've split, at that size you either need really chunky fibreglass poles (and compromise flexibility) or you have metal poles. Our tent that size has steel poles which is why it's been going strong for three years. Your tent is genuinely unfit for purpose because those poles were doomed from the minute you erected the tent.

Because Hi Gear is a GO exclusive brand there is very little another store can do to help you - if it has been a brand he stocked like Outwell DH would probably have had a word with the rep for you - but he says definitely go down the route of trading standards and if you get a refund, pop in and see him and he'll help you choose something suitable and more sturdy from the sale range Smile


Welshmaenad · 01/09/2015 18:13

Indomitable, I took my sister to Go Outdoors to buy some cheap leather hiking boots (she was off to work in a zoo and didn't want to ruin anything half decent hence not getting anything in Cotswold).

We waited ages for a boot fitter, who I promptly elbowed aside and did her boot fit myself because he was so dangerously clueless.

Thankfully DH's staff discount means we can get cracking gear cheaper than GO sells cheap shite so I've not had reason to go there since!

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