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AIBU to wonder why so many people are so invested in the life of

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Stripeysocksarecool · 01/09/2015 11:34


After reading a couple of threads on here today (Cherly Versi- thingy and Gordon Ramsays daughter) why do people care so much about the lives of people they see on TV?

Surely there are more interesting things to think about / get involved with? [the irony of posting this on mumsnet when I could be doing something more interesting is another issue entirely Grin]

OP posts:

mellowheart · 01/09/2015 11:44

I agree, but I am interested in a detached sort of way, but what I also don't get is how defensive of celebs some people get. The slightest criticism and there they are rushing to their defence and accusing you of being nasty, mean or jealous or whatever. It's not like these highly paid successful celebs are in need of their protection is it. But really I think the word celebrity is far too overused these days. You only have to look at some of these reality programmes, most of them you've never heard of.


Stripeysocksarecool · 01/09/2015 11:50

Mellow I don't watch a lot of TV and only read women's mags at hairdresser or dentist etc, and can confidently say I have no idea who most of the so-called celebs are.

I just don't get the fascination with the lives of complete strangers.

There is yet another thread on AIBU about people I've never heard of - Kylie Jenner and Tyga - who are they? And what have they done that is so interesting that anyone should care?

OP posts:

AuntieStella · 01/09/2015 11:52

Horses for courses. It's not compulsory to like the same things as other people.

But it would be nice if people would use the topic: rather more.


mellowheart · 01/09/2015 11:55

I know, I often see the name Kyle Jenner and others and wonder why it is I don't know who they are, but then again why should I, they don't know me neither. Smile


swimmerforlife · 01/09/2015 11:59

I'm slightly interested, nice to see how the other half live but I don't spend every waking moment on the Daily Mail Sidebar. Just when I'm on the tube, on my lunch break etc I will have a nosey.


Stripeysocksarecool · 01/09/2015 12:00

Stella I agree horses for courses. I was hoping people would explain what the fascination is though.

OP posts:

EponasWildDaughter · 01/09/2015 12:19

I've got 3 teenage/early 20s daughters and DD3 is quite in tune with celeb gossip.

The other 2 are like me ... ''Did i hear about who??''



Stripeysocksarecool · 01/09/2015 13:50

Eponas I'm pleased to hear that only one of your daughters is celeb aware!

I do despair sometimes when people can tell you all about the life of the odious Kardashians (even I have heard of them - they must have very good PR) but know very little of any practical value or about world events.

OP posts:

laffymeal · 01/09/2015 15:55

My DD (who I thought better off frankly) reeled off the entire Kardashian/Jenner family tree to me last night because that egregious arsehole Kanye West was on the news declaring his intentions to run as president in 2020.

I have no interest in these awful, awful people, just go away Grin.


usual · 01/09/2015 16:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RachelZoe · 01/09/2015 16:17

So you know about the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner is a "Kardashian", she's their sister Confused

I don't think people are as invested as some like to make out, I have a passing interest, and might talk about it, but I'm not some crazed obsessive :). What is worse is when people sneer at people who are into it, each to their own, all this "oh I'm just so above it and I don't even know who these people are" (when they clearly do), why do you care then?


wafflyversatile · 01/09/2015 16:24

It's nice to have a hobby.

I'm sure as many people wonder how people can spend so much time looking after and riding horses, or going on long walks even when it's pissing down, or playing video games or planning their autumn wardrobe or fixing up that morris minor etc.

I don't really get it either, though. It mostly (from what I see of covers when in shops) consists of Kerry has lost weight, Cheryl is beach ready, Bobby is still carrying that baby weight 6 weeks after, Kerry has put on the pounds, Kerry is beach ready, Cheryl has bloated right up after split with Randy. Is Kerry too thin?


Theycallmemellowjello · 01/09/2015 16:26

Well, I think one reason people read up on them is that it gives them something to chat about with strangers. I think it's a female equivalent of male chat about the football leagues.


NotYouNaanBread · 01/09/2015 16:36

I think people find their own level. You only have so many hours in the day to be aware of the world around you, and some people choose to click on the DM sidebar and read about sideboobs and Kardashians, some people read about climate change and the migrant crisis, and some lucky souls read both (!).

The Kardashian/Cheryl F-V et al brands are intentionally directed and marketed at their respective audiences as part of a wider marketing campaign. The livelihoods of several members of the Kardashian family depend on those clicks and shares - the minute they stop being "relevant" to their audiences, their revenues will drop off sharply. So with that being the case, I don't really mind their prevalence - they're making a living. It's not like people accidentally know what Kylie's new puppy (bunny? I can't remember) is called (Bruce, if you're interested) - her well paid PR team strategised the Instagram post, just as Kanye West strategises the way he speaks (his mother was a high ranking academic before she quit to manage his career - he's about as "street" as Nigella Lawson), and timed it, pushed it out to the press, and that in turn feeds in to the Ferrari her boyfriend bought her for her birthday - Ferrari gets press, we know who Tyga is (some of us, anyway) and it reopens the (already rapidly dwindling) conversation about Caitlyn Jenner's gender.

It's all meticulously planned out (although Kanye kind of does his own thing a bit) and finely targeted towards the "right" people to buy into (and quite literally - to buy the products expensively name-checked in Kylie Jenner's Instagram, to buy Ri-Ri perfume etc. etc.) and I don't think you can blame people for following brands like that - I'm wearing Jack Wills jeans because I bought into their branding. It's a thing we do.

India Knight said something about television a few months ago - she was cross with people being snooty about it and said that it is still a part of our culture, even if you think you are "better" than it. The Kardashians and everything they imply are a part of the tapestry of Western culture right now, whether we like it or not, and not to know anything about it is not something to be smug about.

TL;DR: Some people like the Kardashians, and that's okay.


usual · 01/09/2015 16:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IndridCold · 01/09/2015 17:13

I think it's natural for people to be interested in 'celebrities', what gets me is that so many of the slebs of today don't really do anything.

< narrows eyes in Kim Kardshian's direction >.

The stars of the past were usually actors, singers, or sports stars. When I was a teenager there was a world-wide obsession with Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn, brilliant dancers both with charisma and real star quality. But these days far too many people are famous just for being famous. Who on earth is interested in them? Not me that's for sure.


Stripeysocksarecool · 01/09/2015 17:16

I admit I do look down a bit on people who are obsessesed with celebs. Just seems pointless and a bit mind numbing to spend your life giving head space to the antics of people who are famous for being famous. It's not as if any of them have done anything worthy of admiration.

Theres lots of popular hobbies and pastimes that I have no interest in, but somehow celeb worship is the only one that brings out the sneery in me. Sure, train spotting is a bit weird, but not half as much as discussing Cheryl thingy's latest hair style.

OP posts:

lostincumbria · 01/09/2015 18:11

Does MyHusbandIsBatman count as a celebrity?


pizzaeatingmonkey · 01/09/2015 18:31

Whatever Happened to MyHusbandisBatman?


redshoeblueshoe · 01/09/2015 18:39

Didn't you get the message ? MNHQ are emailing MyhusbandisBatman, they've closed the thread and will update if she replies not over invested at all


redshoeblueshoe · 01/09/2015 18:40

Lost - she is a celebrity to me Grin


DixieNormas · 01/09/2015 19:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DixieNormas · 01/09/2015 19:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlisonWunderland · 01/09/2015 19:29

My husband asked who Kanye West is today.

My answer that he's a big arse married to a woman with a big arse was apparently "not helpful"


Sunsoo · 01/09/2015 20:43

I used to be into celebs when I was a teenager. I'm not anymore, and couldn't care less about the Kardashions, TOWIE bunch, etc.

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