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To think I need to watch him all night?

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LavenderRain · 30/08/2015 01:19

Every night this week there has been one drama or another with DS
This morning at 3am he had a awful nightmare and was shaking crying etc.
Tonight DH has picked him up literallyfrom a party. He is out if it. Apparently was having beers and shots. He cant even speak.
He now on the sofa.Do one of us need to sit with him all night? We're both working in the morning!!!
Bloody kids!
Oh hes 17 by the way

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PrincessHairyMclary · 30/08/2015 01:47

I don't think you need to stay up with him but it's very important you put him in the recovery position (sleeping on his side) in case he vomits and doesn't wake up as lots of people die from that however being on his side will prevent him from choking should it happen.

Followed up with a calm chat about how disappointed you are with him in the morning. nothing worse then cool calm and collected parents telling of their disappointment


Fatmomma99 · 30/08/2015 01:50

If it were my DD, I would sit with her all night. But that's just me.

There needs to be a conversation!


LavenderRain · 30/08/2015 01:52

DH is staying in the lounge, but he wil just fall asleep! Hes on his side and breathing steadily. Im such a worrier tho and I need to get up in 4 hours!

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LavenderRain · 30/08/2015 01:54

Oh there will be conversation!

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PrincessHairyMclary · 30/08/2015 02:00

In a years time he'll potentially be off to uni or leaving Away from home and whilst that will probably make you worry more you won't be able to be by his side in those situations.

Get some sleep, and perhaps set an alarm to go off next to DH to check on him every hour or so if you really need to.


stickytoffeeface · 30/08/2015 02:05

Pop him onto his side, maybe with a couple of cushions to stop him rolling off the sofa. He will be fine. You might want to put a couple of old towels on the floor or your carpet will not be fine looks to the stain on bedroom carpet where dh leaned out of bed to be sick after a long night in various bars Angry


lavendersun · 30/08/2015 04:30

You poor thing - I would stay up too.

Many of us have this to look forward to lavender!

I was a real never put a foot out of line swot type ..... but I do remember my lovely Dad picking me up from the school disco (am old) in a terrible state. Me and my friends had slurped as much of a demijohn of cider we could drink - each. We had made it in our O level Chemistry class so I must have only been 15.

I was ill for two days. I never did it again and rarely drink as an adult.


junebirthdaygirl · 30/08/2015 08:16

Him getting sick and feeling downright rotten might be the best life lesson learned. Make sure you wake him when your leaving and again when dh leaving. I was in that situation and was jumping up and down all night as couldn't really rest..


Fluffy24 · 30/08/2015 08:26

Not sure Flowers or Brew

I'd be bloody sure I left some nice drum and base brisk music on when you go out in the morning, curtains open, plenty of light etc. If he's looking a bit green round the gills by then I'd ask him about what he was drinking and offer him a hair of the dog or hand him a raw egg in a glass.

I would at least be somewhere I could keep an eye on him and check regularly during the night but if you won't be asleep you may as well be watching him I suppose.

How is he now OP?


attheendoftheday · 30/08/2015 08:58

I wouldn't stay up, I don't think. I would leave him on his side, though.


lavendersun · 30/08/2015 09:12

I bet you are at work now OP (are you the lovely NICU nurse I met on another thread?).

Hopefully he will feel grim enough not to want to do it again, it worked for me. I remember my younger brother doing the same once, he has never been much of a drinker.


Beth2511 · 30/08/2015 09:19

I did it aged 19 and was actually spiked and was barely concious at one point. As a result i have never been a big drinker. May be a good lesson learnt. Hope he isnt feeling it too much this morning!


LavenderRain · 30/08/2015 13:21

Thanks everyone. lavender yep thats me! I can deal with babies but this is another level!
DH stayed in the lounge with him and he was awake before I went to work and was ok but very pale!
Ive just txt him and hes off to watch his team play.
he said he thought he was dying last night Hmm and was drinking cider and sambuccu shots!
Im a little tired at work today. Someone commented I looked peeky Grin

OP posts:

lavendersun · 30/08/2015 15:57

Brew Cake Flowers lavender, hope your day is not too stressful.

Poor lad Smile, I bet he won't try to repeat that in a hurry.


LavenderRain · 30/08/2015 17:24

Thanks lavender 3 more hours till hometime. Its been a nice calm day at work thank goodness but I will sleep well tonight!
hopefully DS has learnt something! X

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