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to think this is the normal way to make toast?

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MummaV · 29/08/2015 11:47

At a friends this morning and was asked to make some toast for the DCs whilst she got them dressed.
I got the bread and put it into the toaster sideways as I always have done so that all the bread is equally toasted and the top bit isn't just warm bread.
Apparent this is wrong and bread should go into the toaster bottom first and not sideways, leaving the top of the bread above the elements and therefore just warm rather than toasted. A debate ensued. (Yes we are very boring early in the morning)
The kids ate it and didn't comment so I guess it wasn't an issue to them.
So I have come to get a general consensus, how do you put your bread in the toaster? Is there a right or wrong way? Or is toast just toast regardless?

OP posts:
ImperialBlether · 29/08/2015 11:48

You are right and she will feel a fool after you've gone!

Summerisle1 · 29/08/2015 11:49

Sideways. Otherwise how is it all going to be toasted equally? YWNBU.

Greenkit · 29/08/2015 11:49

Like you

Sirzy · 29/08/2015 11:49

I would always put it in so all the bread can cook. If necessary I turn it halfway through to cook the other end

Marmite27 · 29/08/2015 11:52

Mine goes in like your friends, but half the time on one end, then flipped for the other half of the time in the toaster.

Why toaster makers can't just make them to fit the bread sold I don't know!

juneybean · 29/08/2015 11:52

I'm not sure my toaster is big enough to put it in sideways but I tend to stop it after 30 seconds and turn the bread upside down.

StealthPolarBear · 29/08/2015 11:52

Depends on size and shape of slice

OddSocksHighHeels · 29/08/2015 11:53

I do it like your friend. It's never crossed my mind to do it sideways but that makes more sense now I've thought about it.

FadedRed · 29/08/2015 11:55

YANBU. Your friend does not deserve to own a toaster, or bread even, until she learns how to use it properly. Toast is a privilege.
Let them eat brioche and other such forrin muck! Grin

ImperialBlether · 29/08/2015 11:56

So you've always ended up with a white, warm, soft patch of toast, OddSocks?

legolegolego · 29/08/2015 12:00

I've never thought of doing it your way either, but it does make much more sense. I only ever make my bread warm/very very slightly toasted so that may be why I've never noticed.

stepsharp · 29/08/2015 12:01

I only buy the wide 4 slice 2 slot toasters because 2 slice 2 slot ones are too small. How can you possibly get a large slice of bloomer in a standard toaster?

MrsGentlyBenevolent · 29/08/2015 12:02

Either we get huge bread in this house, or our toaster is small, because we can only fit it 'stood up', then turn it around to toast the rest. It's a bloody nuisance to me, toast ends up dryer and more burnt than I'd like. Partner loves it, but then the weirdo will only eat blackened toast Hmm. Sideways is obviously more sensible, if you can do it that way.

OurBlanche · 29/08/2015 12:06

Sideways? I can't visualise that...

  1. toaster, 2 or 4 upright slots, bread only fits one way, upright, both sides toasted at same time, may need turning if the bread is too tall, but still only fits one way

2. grill, has a tray, element usually above, bread lies flat and is turned half way.

Neither bit of kitchen equipment seems to allow for sideways deployment of bread...
OddSocksHighHeels · 29/08/2015 12:08

Imperial yes I have. Genuinely never crossed my mind to do it any other way. I've learned something new today.

Notso · 29/08/2015 12:11

Bread won't fit sideways in my toaster so I have to turn it or buy small bread Sad

Cheeri0 · 29/08/2015 12:12

I use a panini press- perfectly toasted and great for thick bread.

gamerwidow · 29/08/2015 12:14

I do it your friends way, I feel such a fool. Your way much better :)

Spilose · 29/08/2015 12:15

I do it your way too! makes much more since

ShelaghTurner · 29/08/2015 12:16

If the bread fits sideways then that's how it goes. If not it gets changed around halfway through.

That's my gripe with toasters. Plenty of settings for widths but absolutely none that will take a slightly taller slice of bread Angry

Birdsgottafly · 29/08/2015 12:18

I do it your friends way and flip the toast, that way there's a cool bit that I can grab, I use cheap toasters, though.

I also microwave the buttered bread, so it is soft. I only eat heavily seeded wanky bread.

MrsBearWasTired · 29/08/2015 12:18

I found dp's toaster too much hassle with turning and threw it out. Much easier to use the grill and can do 6 slices at once making the mornings much quicker!

SoupDragon · 29/08/2015 12:19

The bread goes in whichever way it fits best.

Binkybix · 29/08/2015 12:20

Sideways! The few times I have bought a new toaster I have ensured it will fit at minimum a standard sized loaf sideways.

SoupDragon · 29/08/2015 12:20

Sometimes it fits better if you put it in top first as the top is squashier so the weight of the slice pushes it down.

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