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myusername9 · 29/08/2015 08:40

So the facts are as follows. Husband always played for a Sunday league team. Has recently become the captain which involves such illustrious responsibilities as washing the team kit. Team kit involves twenty plus shirts, twenty plus pairs of shorts and forty plus socks. Live in a two bed semi with small garden. Now admittedly I am not called upon to wash the kit having refused with outrage at the situation. However, still very cross at my washing machine being clocked up with the horrible sweaty kit, it blighting my enjoyment of my back yard and then it hanging around the house. God knows what he thinks will happen in winter when it's too cold and wet to put washing out to dry. No dryer. Am I being unreasonable?

OP posts:
magimedi · 29/08/2015 08:45

Not at all.

WTF can't everyone wash their own kit?

Fluffy24 · 29/08/2015 08:45


Can't he collect 50p/week off all the players and get it laundered professionally (do they call it a service wash?)? He could still organise it and do the collecting/dropping off. Surely a tenner will get a big load of washing washed and dried - might not even cost 50p each.

MrsLeighHalfpenny · 29/08/2015 08:47

Do the team's future captains a favour and change the system. That's daft.

londonrach · 29/08/2015 08:50

Why arent each player washing their own. Very strange. Yanbu op. If you going to go down that route agree with others ask for 50p or something.

BlueMoonRising · 29/08/2015 08:50

Wow. Locally the football team take it in turns to take the kit home to wash. That way everyone gets a shot, whether or not they are captain. Much more sensible!

ShadowLine · 29/08/2015 08:52

Why on earth isn't each player responsible for washing his own kit?

If it's really impossible to expect each player to take responsibility for his own kit Hmm then Fluffy's suggestion of getting them professionally laundered sounds like a very good way forward.

ChunkyPickle · 29/08/2015 08:52

I can see why it all gets washed together (can you imagine how much will get lost each week otherwise) - but yes, this needs to go to a laundrette.. it's not feasible for a family washing machine and no drier.

BlueMoonRising · 29/08/2015 08:53

I think the main reason for it ask being laundered together is so that you don't end up with varying shades of kit, with people using different products and different drying methods with varying 'bleaching' properties. At least that's why they do it that way here.

Birdsgottafly · 29/08/2015 08:54

Every team that I have known about have a "kitty" and the strip gets done in the laundrette. It's the leaders responsibility to do this. They "head" the team, so they make sure that they are appropriately kitted out.

StillStayingClassySanDiego · 29/08/2015 08:57

Why can't each player wash their own kit these days? I recall when dh played years ago the club secretary would take it home and he'd wash it but surely times have changed since then?

I've always washed my ds's kits, just their's.

Noodledoodledoo · 29/08/2015 09:02

My DH used to be team chairman and part of his job was to drop kit at laundrette each week. Wasn't pricey either.

travellinglighter · 29/08/2015 09:03

They are laundered together because that means the kit is always available. If the kit was sent home with the players and one of them doesn’t turn up then they don’t have a shirt available for the replacement player.

Service wash seems to be the way to go.

Scoobydoo8 · 29/08/2015 09:05

Get on the phone now to local launderettes - perhaps they'll give a discount for a local sports team.

lorelei9 · 29/08/2015 09:09

service wash. simple. has everyone on the team gone mad?!

Ripeningapples · 29/08/2015 09:32

We used to take it in turns. I didn't mind every few months. It does make sense to organise a service wash. It doesn't make sense for everyone to wash their own kit for the reasons already stated above.

WorktoLive · 29/08/2015 09:37

Presumably the club has some sort of membership system, AGMs, subs etc.

Therefore your DH needs to ask if the cost of kit washing in a laundrette can be paid by the club, with subs rising if necessary - better than trying to collect odd 50ps here and there. But start now obviously, don't wait until the next meeting if it's months away.

How is it fair that one person bears the cost, work and hassle of washing several loads of extremely dirty kit? Surely clubs do these things on a rota? Everyone does one week or so a season? Or can't the club buy a machine to keep at the club to do it there?

However, I wouldn't be surprised if the laundrettes refuse to take stuff if it is extremely muddy.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant · 29/08/2015 09:47

Each player washing their own kit means 20 machines running...
Not good for the planet!

Why can't each team member do the wash for one week?

All part of being in the team!

The captain would have to the initial "hard work" of putting all the players into a spreadsheet. Listing by position number or alphabetically, then putting the next game-date next to each name.

Surely the captain can decide how his team is run?

And most people can manage 1 or 2 extra washes in a year!

MummaV · 29/08/2015 09:59

My mums DP runs a Sunday league team and they take the kit to a landerette weekly. Makes sense that everyone cover the cost rather than one be forced to pay out and ruin family enjoyment of the home.

AuntieStella · 29/08/2015 10:02

IME, if the kit is washed by the same person every week as a service to the team, that person is paid for it. Where's the money?

IguanaTail · 29/08/2015 10:04

Tell the laundrette they can sponsor the team with their name on the kits, and then get it done for free!


YeOldeTrout · 29/08/2015 10:14

YABU... it's how most teams run. The honour of the captain is to get to the washing. You'll really be rocking the boat to insist on doing it different. What is your machine there for but to wash things?

You need to ask about drying plans in winter, though, fair enough. The shirts & shorts should be nylon so not really a hassle but socks may dry slowly. POSSIBLY, you could ask the socks to go to a house with a tumble drier.

MrsItsNoworNotatAll1 · 29/08/2015 10:16

Tell the laundrette they can sponsor the team with their name on the kits, and then get it done for free!

Yep Job done!

Although I think each player could take responsibility for the washing of their own kit if they really wanted too. I manage to bring home my work uniform and wash it ready for to be worn when needed so I don't see how a football kit is any different.

I like Iguana's best.

WorktoLive · 29/08/2015 10:35

YABU... it's how most teams run. The honour of the captain is to get to the washing. You'll really be rocking the boat to insist on doing it different. What is your machine there for but to wash things?

I found this surprising, so googled. It may be how most teams are run - I have no idea, but it's almost certainly not the absolute rule.

There are many laundrettes offering kit washing services - prices seem to range from £7.50 to £12.50 ish so quite affordable on a per person basis. So I'm sure that the OP's DH will be able to find one locally to his club.

I even found one team's kit washing rota and washing instructions. So it can be done on a rota Grin

BoffinMum · 29/08/2015 10:52

Laundrette is the way forward.

Caboodle · 29/08/2015 15:25

Getting launderette to sponsor kit means valuable sponsor money lost to buy lit /pay fees etc. Nonetheless...get it serviced washed and charge players.

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