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AIBU to suggest that if she wants her garden perfect she needs to pay someone

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Supernoodlesandwiches · 27/08/2015 20:27

My gran had a few health issues and for this receives disability benefits, these along with pensions etc mean she is comfortably off (several foreign holidays a year etc ) She likes her garden to be perfect but obviously can't manage it herself and expects other family members to do it for her. We all help out where we can but majority of us work full time , I have 3 young dc to look after so limited to what time I can offer. Most of the long jobs such as the gardening are done by my uncle but he's recovering from an operation at min . When I spoke to my gran she was very annoyed that no one had been around to tidy garden and in her words it's a complete state (it isn't) now I can spare time to do a basic cut lawn but not for pruning and whatever else needs doing (my own lawn hasn't been cut in over 2 weeks) would AIBU to point out that we just don't have time to do it and she ought to pay someone as surely that's what her disability benefits are for ?

OP posts:

Patapouf · 27/08/2015 20:33

Are you sure her having people round to do her garden isn't just her way of making sure people spend time with her? Could she be lonely?

YABU if you think disability benefit is for gardening but YANBU that she should pay for a service rather than making family do it.


notquitehuman · 27/08/2015 21:08

My MIL was like this for a long time, and my poor DH spent more time in her garden than our own. Eventually, he stood up to her and said that she simply couldn't expect people to do free gardening for her all the time, and needed to move to a place with a more manageable garden. Miraculously, she found enough in her budget to get an odd job guy in every two weeks to do the heavy stuff.

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