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A thread for teeny weeny AIBUs that are too trivial for their own thread...

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AlisonWunderland · 26/08/2015 18:02

Whinges that don't need an entire thread of discussion because we KNOW that TADBU (They are definitely being unreasonable)

Waiting for pay for parking at Shopping centre...
Both pay machines of Lower Mall are out of order, so is one of the 2 on the Upper mall, so there is a queue of about 15 people waiting to pay.
So it would be a good idea to pay promptly.

So it that really the time to hoist your 2 year old so that he can drop half of it put the money in the machine, coin by careful coin?

Over to you for your mini-whinges...

OP posts:

TellitToTheTrees · 26/08/2015 18:10

Builders are very behind schedule on a weather dependent project. Tomorrow and Friday are the only days this week which are forecast for no rain. Builder told me yesterday he won't be here Friday as he'll be playing golf Hmm
AIBU to follow him around the course on Friday shouting 'you should be at my house'?

Thank feck we have a fixed price.


MrsEvadneCake · 26/08/2015 18:18

DH is having tea at the pub (he can't help this, he is working away) while I'm doing the circus that is tea and bedtime whilst listening to Dan TDM Minecraft jabbering. IABTU being hideously jealous of his pint and peace!!!


CigarsofthePharoahs · 26/08/2015 18:18

To think dh should water his own flipping orchids. And remember to pick the bits of bark out of the sink when he's done.


AlisonWunderland · 26/08/2015 18:22

Tellitothetrees kick his golf balls

OP posts:

ElderlyKoreanLady · 26/08/2015 18:22

AIBU to think if you're going to park like a twat, at least do it at an angle that doesn't reflect the sun right into my face in my living room? Angry.

I could fill this thread today


TPel · 26/08/2015 18:25

AIBU to think whoever decided dogs should moult every bloody day is a total fucker and should come around to my house and sweep up a puppy sized fur mountain every day.


MrsHathaway · 26/08/2015 18:43

... to assert that you shouldn't dump your children at the church stay and play just because their grandad is the vicar? For information, said grandad vicar is not there and parents have form for dumping their children with church staff without notification asking first, people running session weren't given an opportunity to object at any point, and the children aren't always beautifully behaved.

... to be pissed off at DH for grumping at me for not answering on the first ring when he calls at the children's tea time and the phone is either two or three rooms away respectively?


DawnOfTheDoggers · 26/08/2015 18:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ollieplimsoles · 26/08/2015 18:48


Id say your first one is worthy of its own thread! Shock


fastdaytears · 26/08/2015 18:50

People who use the Pay at the Pump Only lanes at the petrol station and then pay at the kiosk. What does ONLY mean people? And why will the stupid machine let you do that? When I'm in charge of the world a message will over the tannoy to say that the gentleman at pump ten is an entitled dickhead who's too stupid to operate a car.


MrsHathaway · 26/08/2015 18:55

ollie - don't get me started. It's only vaguely my business because I wish I could do the same Grin but instead help them with their glue pots and tissue paper. I am not cut out for official church positions. Or indeed Other People's Children, for that matter.


BooYouWhore · 26/08/2015 18:56

People wearing masses of perfume when visiting my newborn thus enveloping her in a cloud of fug when cuddling her and leaving her STINKING after they have gone.

And she's not even PFB.


EatDessertFirst · 26/08/2015 19:01

My kitchen replacement being put back yet again to end of September. It was supposed to be done in July but clearly as 'just' a never missed a payment tenant, my usually brilliant landlord can do what the fuck he wants. Never mind how inconvienient it is to us and the DC.


ElderlyKoreanLady · 26/08/2015 19:03

Ooh. I have a stay and play one too.

AIBU to want to murder all the parents at our stay and play who, when we announce it's 'tidy up time', take their children and go to sit down, watching us volunteers clean up after everyone? Angry

only once did a parent attempt to dump and run on my watch. She regretted it


Marcipex · 26/08/2015 19:08

AIBU to go in and out of my own garden, even though my neighbour can hear the sliding door open and close. The previous owners went in-and-out less than we do, apparently.


Littlecaf · 26/08/2015 19:16

AIBU to be annoyed with DP whom gave DS a 2 min bath and has now dumped on me for the rest of bedtime so he can go to Pilates? I'd feel awfully guilty if I did that. (He's usually v reasonable, it's just got on my wick today).


Littlecaf · 26/08/2015 19:20

Also AIBU to move/report the traffic cones the idiot at the end of the road puts out (on a public highway) every day so he can have "deliveries" to his house? He's a landscape gardener and needs to keep it don't you know? although I have never ever once seen anything delivered there AND he has a driveway


ElderlyKoreanLady · 26/08/2015 19:22

No, little, I'd be hiding the cones every day Grin


Littlecaf · 26/08/2015 19:25

Elderly it gets on my wick every day. He has a massive Range Rover too which is parks adjacent although he has a driveway. Grrr.


YeOldeTrout · 26/08/2015 19:28

commuter rant: People who queue up at the only train door the cyclists can use. So then the cyclists still boarding make the train late to depart because so many folk won't wander the extra 50m to the other door so we cyclists could get on faster & all could depart sooner.

And then pedestrians-without-bikes queue up to use the only ticket barrier I can take my bike thru, while the pedestrian-only ticket barriers stand forlorn unused. Argh.


MaidOfStars · 26/08/2015 19:30

The people I share an office with don't leave the toilet door slightly ajar after them. It's in a separate corridor, and I can see it from my desk. Thus, if the door is closed, I think someone is in there and cross my legs.



Littlecaf · 26/08/2015 19:34

YeOld train barriers - gets on my nerves too but with a pram. Fricking use the other barriers.


MrsHathaway · 26/08/2015 19:35

EKL - on Monday someone tried to dump and run, but the person dropping off was the 13yo older sister.



Chillyegg · 26/08/2015 19:39

today to the women who indicated incorrectly at the junction on the roundabout your a fucking terrible driver! !!!!!! you led 3 other drivers to believe you were turning of and then carried in almost causing a massive crash. Angry


dodobookends · 26/08/2015 19:44

Ikea. August. Wednesday. Full of thousands of people who have brought their small children with them.


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