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to hate it when the news reports include peoples letters?

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mumcantmakeadecision · 26/08/2015 10:50

just reading some news about the crash at the weekend and one of the pictures they are showing is of a letter that one of the family members of one of the victims has left for their loved ones. that family member wrote it to someone they loved, they left if to help with their grief, why do the papers feel the need to show a detailed photo of the letter? isnt that really invasive in a horrendous time for those families? why do they think they will gain from that kind of photo?

OP posts:

Samcro · 26/08/2015 11:29

no worst that the shite that has been posted on here about the crash.<br /> its cos there is no news at the moment, it will take ages to identify the dead, so people are just filling up on non news


wasonthelist · 26/08/2015 11:37

Yabvu Why leave a letter to a dead person on full view in a public place if you want it to be private?

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