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WIBU to go to my school reunion

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Discopanda · 25/08/2015 22:02

My school is having an official reunion for the school of 2005, I left in 2003 after my GCSEs BUT it's all my old classmates that I spent 5 years with! Surely they can't say no to me buying a ticket, can they?!

OP posts:

GinandJag · 25/08/2015 22:04

Even if you left in 2003, you are still class of 2005.


Discopanda · 25/08/2015 22:09

So they can't really turn me down for going to a vocational college instead of doing A-Levels Wink

OP posts:

GinandJag · 25/08/2015 22:12

It's all voluntary.

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