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To ask about the rush hour before tube strike?

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MisterPip · 23/08/2015 10:16

Bit of a nightmare I'm thinking. Dd has some tests at gt ormond street in the afternoon, tube strike starts at 6.30pm. I'm eight months pregnant, will need the buggy too as dd 2 will have been sedated. Not sure the exact timing of return travel, I'd guess around 4. Using central line, dd likely to be moody.

Is this madness to try? Will rush hour be early? Considering asking to rearrange, but it will throw a lot of appt out.

OP posts:

Mrsmorton · 23/08/2015 10:18

4 will be ok. Much later and it will be tough. I tend to leave work at 430 on strike days but was working somewhere else (far west of central line) last time and left at 4. Was ok to be honest.


DragonRojo · 23/08/2015 11:52

I left work at 4:30 last time and it was OK. This was the Jubilee line. By 5pm it was considerably busier than normal


Givemecoffeeplease · 23/08/2015 13:33

I would advise asking (earlier in the day when everything is calm) for a Baby on Board badge too. Even if you look pregnant it's easy for people to miss it. With a badge people will rush to help rather than worrying about offending and it should make stairs etc a bit easier. I'm sure 4pm will be fine.

Fwiw I'm 30 weeks and people still don't see the bump unless I make it obvious - and I'm chubby and have piled on the pounds so it's SO apparent!! Tube zombies.....


nhkamptz · 23/08/2015 14:08

I'd try very hard to reschedule. Central line was a zoo during the past couple of strikes, so people will be leaving even earlier to beat the rush. I'd expect madness from 4:00. Don't expect a Baby on Board badge to be of any help whatsoever.


LongHardStare · 23/08/2015 14:12

I think you'll be fine at 4 on the central line. I was ok (but probably lucky) at just before 5 from central london on the last strike, but I wouldn't recommend that


SeaRabbit · 23/08/2015 14:15

I got a tube at 18.00 just before the last strike and it was deserted.


NoParking · 23/08/2015 14:15

I would try it but have a back up plan just in case eg get a taxi (use an app, all the ones on the street will be full) or find somewhere to wait until after the rush then get a bus once it's less crowded.


TrappersNewAccount · 23/08/2015 16:26

I've done the Northern Line on the last two strike days and it Wasn't too bad. I went at about 17:30, so a bit later than you. Many people will be on their holidays, so that will help too. Leave yourself plenty of time, don't be afraid to ask for help and don't feel shy about blocking the stairs 'accidentally' with your buggy until someone helps you.


QueenStromba · 23/08/2015 17:46

Didn't the last set of strikes start at 8.30? It's not much use saying that 4pm was fine last time if the strike is starting two hours earlier.


wafflyversatile · 23/08/2015 17:56

The last strikes started at 6.30pm, or at least we were told we needed to complete our journeys by then.

I got the northern line at 6pm and it was quieter than normal because many had left early or worked from home. so if you get delayed and it's busy you might be better to have a coffee and try again, as long as you can get to your destination before 6.30.


OutToGetYou · 23/08/2015 18:14

The last strike was 18.30 and I left work on time at 17.00 and was fine getting to Kings X on the Circle Line.

August makes it a bit easier as many people away on hols plus a lot of people just don't come into town on strike days.


MisterPip · 23/08/2015 19:23

No one could miss my pregnancy! The bump would whack them before they clocked a badge! Didn't though laat week mean anyone offered me a seat though, I'm otherwise size ten but look like I've got at least two beach balls down my front.

It's the buggy bit that worries me more, I can stand fine but buggies and rush hour....

The appt is a little unpredictable, time though before at gosh has been stuck to well. It's how she is after sedation I guess child with seiZures and being sedated, fun

OP posts:

MisterPip · 23/08/2015 19:28

Re-reading that... There's no answer is there. I just don't want to go to a rescheduled appt in a few months with a newborn! I guess we will muddle though, I'm quite Bolshy on the tube, but no one could get a buggy on the central in rush hour even with a run up last week at Stratford the platform was six deep and you had to breathe in to close the doors. No one could have even moved to let me near a seat

OP posts:

Mrsmorton · 23/08/2015 20:00

OP, I'd griz it out tbh. It might be absolutely fine and whilst I'm sure GOSH would happily rearrange, it's often best not to rearrange as you've said. You'll probably be carried on the shoulders of fit city workers and fanned with copies of the evening standard. You never know Wink


balletgirlmum · 23/08/2015 20:02

Dh & dd hAd gone to a matinee performance last time. They left the theatre at 4.30pm & got from Victoria to Euston by 5.15. Dh said it was busy but ok - the main thing is they were controlling how many people went through the gates at a time.


wafflyversatile · 23/08/2015 20:17

I think you just have to go with the flow and if it's busy sit down and wait for another train. Accept it in a zen way. [ommmm]


Hairballs · 23/08/2015 20:39

What waffly said. It will likely be fucking chaos, but if you're prepared to swallow that and battle through then you'll be fine. People may be more arsehole-ish than usual, however. Hell hath no fury like a Londoner who thinks they might miss the last tube. Angry


SeaRabbit · 23/08/2015 21:13

If you're pregnantand need one, just ask for a seat. Most commuters are on autopilot, so just don't notice anyone around them ,let alone a pregnant women. But if you ask, IME people are only too pleased to let you have a seat if you want one.

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