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To not want to post anywhere else?

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Tigger365 · 22/08/2015 19:55

ok, so I'm a first time poster and as the title says, I kinda want to talk to someone, but don't want to post anywhere else.

It might be a long one, I'm going to try and give all the info I can, without outting myself.
I was ill for a while earlier in the year and I seem to be spiralling.
I was attacked a couple of months ago, and I can't seem to pull myself together. My DH seems to be getting to the end of his tether and we don't spend too much time together. I've had some pretty dark thoughts but they're now starting to affect my life & work.
I'm not sure where I'm supposed to turn now.

Thanks Smile

OP posts:

DoJo · 22/08/2015 20:25

Ask anyone who you speak to for help if you need it - friends, family, your GP, the Samaritans. There are plenty of people who will offer their support if you let them know how you feel, and no doubt your husband would never describe himself as 'at the end of his tether' if he know how you were really feeling. There are loads of people on here who have more experience of this kind of thing than me, and I have seen hundreds of posts from people who can give you more specific help, but I know that you have to let someone know that you are struggling and soon. You deserve to be happy, let those around you help you to make it happen...Flowers


CuttedUpPear · 22/08/2015 20:26

I feel for you.
A thread in chat might work better though - one reason is that it disappears after 90 days. But AIBU may be a bit harsh for you.


Tigger365 · 22/08/2015 20:51

Thank you Smile
DoJo that's kind of my problem, my best friend (not really,but the closest I have) doesn't get it. My DH keeps pushing me to see a doctor, but I'm scared of the possible repercussions in the future, if we wanted to adopt etc.
I didn't know where to post, but I read a lot too much AIBU and most people seem lovely, so I figured here was as good as anywhere.

OP posts:

DoJo · 22/08/2015 23:29

I think your husband is right - seeing a doctor is the smart thing to do. There's no point worrying about the future if you feel this bad in the present so it makes sense to deal with the problem you have rather than one that is only a potential problem in the future. In terms of your suitability to adopt, I can't offer any advice based on experience, but it would make sense that someone who seeks help for any problems they may face would be a better candidate and a better parent than someone who doesn't and tried to struggle on alone when they could benefit from some help.


Tigger365 · 23/08/2015 23:37

Thank you DoJo, I'm trying to psych myself up for making an appointment. DH is insisting on an emergency one in case I change my mind

OP posts:

Inkymess · 23/08/2015 23:49

Get to your GP ASAP. You may well have PTSD and you need the right support


Inkymess · 24/08/2015 07:59

I would strongly recommend counselling for PTSD. It will help worth through all your feelings


DoJo · 24/08/2015 09:07

I hope you have already been on the phone today Tigger and got an appointment - there are people who can help you to come out of the other side of this and nothing is worth putting yourself through it. I wish you all the best...Flowers

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