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AIBU to think Homebase should give its toilet seats rust-proof fittings?

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meltingsmelting · 22/08/2015 14:04

My DCs, both boys, regularly wee off target and so the fittings that hold our toilet seat in place get a regular soaking. I recently replaced the seat because the screws on the old one were rusted solid. But 6 weeks later the screws on the new one are starting to corrode too. As I've caught it early this time I'm going to go out and get some stainless steel screws to replace them, but AIBU to think this is an obvious design flaw on an otherwise good quality Homebase product? Or is it just me that has this sort of issue with them?

OP posts:

GarminGirl · 22/08/2015 14:41

It's hardly homebase fault!

Urine does destroy!


FannyFifer · 22/08/2015 14:48

Get one with plastic fittings.


UrethraFranklin1 · 22/08/2015 17:40

If your kids are rusting through the loo in a matter of weeks I'd be looking at their diet. Are they pissing industrial acid?


Gooseysgirl · 22/08/2015 17:42

Put a ping pong ball down the loo for them to aim at (sorry probably not v helpful!)


PolShelby · 22/08/2015 17:43

We have this problem too! Already replaced it once and definitely wouldn't buy another.


GloGirl · 22/08/2015 17:45

Our gate screws started to rust after only a week - some just aren't meant for water. It doesn't mean her son's are pissing corrosive acid.

YANBU OP, complain.


meltingsmelting · 22/08/2015 19:22

We're past the ping-pong ball stage Goosey - they're 8 and 11! They know what to do, but they're often in a bit of a hurry (not to go to the loo, but to get back to whatever they were doing when they were interrupted by the call of nature). Plus learning to pee straight with a morning glory is the latest challenge for DS1 and I'm not sure a ping pong ball will help with that Grin.

I'm starting to realise why the boys' toilets at my own primary always stunk to high heaven!

OP posts:

EeyoresTail · 22/08/2015 19:29

Is it definitely down to then missing? Could it be humidity from running showers/baths?
I bought a seat from B&Q that wasn't cheap but it started to rust. Other than me there was only DP in the flat at that stage. We weren't great at having the windrow open when running a bath so I put it down to that

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