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To not want to go on holiday or am I cutting my nose off to spite my face?

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LunchpackWithHamsterHam · 21/08/2015 23:09

Due to go on holiday in the last week of the holidays with the larger extended family. I'm dreading it. It's dh's family.

Tonight DH started a monumental row over nothing, and I mean nothing. It was a case of he instigated it for the sake of having a row and the more perplexed I got about it and said I didn't want to have a row because there is nothing to fight about the more he exploded.

I now feel sick at the prospect of spending a week with him and his family in a place I would not be able to get away from. But if u don't go the kids can't go and they're looking forward to it.

Aibu and wwyd?

OP posts:

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant · 21/08/2015 23:21

Take lots of books!
Pack the kids off to the family and wait for dh to apologise.


LunchpackWithHamsterHam · 21/08/2015 23:24

Books sound appealing but He won't ever apologise. You see everything is my fault. Everything. From his grandparents being in their 90s to mine being terminally ill to my severe health issues to his unemployment...all my fault.

Lucky aren't I.

OP posts:

DoreenLethal · 21/08/2015 23:31

Why cant they go with him? And you stay home and give yourself a break.


Sallyhasleftthebuilding · 21/08/2015 23:35

Is this at a house, or are you off somewhere? How old are the kids/how many?


DoJo · 21/08/2015 23:36

Forget about the holiday - why are you with him?


LunchpackWithHamsterHam · 21/08/2015 23:40

doreen after the things he said to me tonight I don't trust him with them

sally this is to a holiday cottage. Chances of shit weather are high.

dojo I honestly do not know

OP posts:

ollieplimsoles · 22/08/2015 00:01

Fuck the holiday why do you stay with him?! God he sounds horrible!

I would go for the children but silent treatment him all the way. I would act like he was literally not there for the whole 'holiday'. Thinks he can play up like that and everything be lovely while away with his family... The shit!


Fatmomma99 · 22/08/2015 00:20

This sounds tough. Thinking of you Flowers


IamtheDevilsAvocado · 22/08/2015 02:21

I wouldn't go.... Until he apologises and makes a commitment to treat you better.

Your relationship is more important here.. Take your kids and have more fun holiday with them elsewhere..


ilovesooty · 22/08/2015 07:15

With health issues and husband's unemployment I imagine just taking the children on holiday elsewhere might not be practicable.

I'd go through with the holiday, communicate minimally with him and then figure out what you're going to do next.

I feel for you. He sounds horrible to live with and you shouldn't have to put up with that treatment.


FarFromAnyRoad · 22/08/2015 07:32

This sounds absolutely awful for you. What are the implications of not going at all? I know the kids would be disappointed but ffs - you have a life too and the thought of you being so miserable through no fault of your own is just too depressing!
He sounds like a monumental shit - do you really foresee spending the rest of your precious life like this?



DoJo · 22/08/2015 20:14

It sounds like the holiday has just made you realise what kind of life you have with your husband, and it sounds like a fairly joyless one to be honest. Are you considering leaving him?


ScarlettDarling · 22/08/2015 20:17

Is he always so horrible or is this out of character?

If this it what he's like, then perhaps you need to reconsider more than just the holiday?

Hope you're ok?

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