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AIBU re. Deodorant?

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WhiffyBiffer · 21/08/2015 08:17

Aibu to think you can develop 'resistance' to deodorant? Mitchum has always been great but lately I don't think it's being as effective. Is this possible? What are mnetters deodorants of choice?

OP posts:
addictedtosugar · 21/08/2015 12:08

I switch between sure and garnier (I think), and whatever is on offer. I try to open something different when the old bottle runs out.

Fluffyears · 21/08/2015 12:29

Yes happens to me I get 'resistant' and alternate my deodorant to stop this.

Vixxfacee · 21/08/2015 13:54

You can get resistance to it. I have to change mine every few months. Very annoying

SuperFlyHigh · 21/08/2015 13:56

I weaned myself off it (used natural ones like Weleda) and then found I don't generally need it.

the only times I do need it are in hot/sweaty weather and when armpits are exposed with nothing covering them. other than that I just wash them.

If out with friends/date etc I do sometimes put some on, just to be polite but I don't sweat more or smell more there.

SuperFlyHigh · 21/08/2015 13:57

Strumpers yeah same here.

BumpTheElephant · 21/08/2015 14:05

I rarely use antiperspirants anymore, I don't seem to need them. I use Jason or Sanex 0% deodorant and wash my pits morning and evening.
I haven't found any that stopped working after a while but I always used to just buy what was on offer so probably changed brands constantly. They're all basically the same stuff though.

bringthenoise · 21/08/2015 14:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrinkFeckArseGirls · 21/08/2015 14:40

Hmm, mitchum recently smells a bit musty on me. And not at the end of the day. It never used to smell of anything.

googoodolly · 21/08/2015 14:51

I think that certain types of toiletries become less effective over time. I find that if I use the same brand of shampoo for several months, my hair feels greasier than it used to, even though my washing habits haven't changed at all, it's odd.

I tend to switch between 2-3 brands in a rotating cycle and then I find it's not an issue. I would assume it could be the same for deodorant, though how much of it is in my head I don't know Grin

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