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to think 'pyjama pants' shouldn't leak every single night?!

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MaltaVestrit · 20/08/2015 19:44

I am going insane!

DC1 is nearly 6 and is not dry at night. I'm not talking the odd accident, I'm talking every night without fail. this in itself is not a problem, clearly he is not producing the hormone yet so we use pyjama pants.

the problem is they leak almost every night! am I the only one to have this problem? surely they should be able to contain a night's worth of pee? isn't that what they are supposed to do?

I'm just so fed up of having to wash bedding every day and forking out for pull ups and they just don't freaking work!

anyone else have this issue? I've tried the huggies 'pyjama pants' and the pampers 'under jams' with the same issue with both. I am really pissed off! (pun intended!)

Or should I get DC1 up when I go to bed to wee in the hope there is then less going into the pull up overnight? (I don't mean to try and night train him as I know this wont work, I mean purely to try and have one less pee in the pull up!)

OP posts:

MammaTJ · 20/08/2015 19:49

That's the trouble when they get independant. DS is nearly 9 and we had this problem, till I realised he was not pointing his willy in the downwards direction. I would say check that first.


MrsToddsShortcut · 20/08/2015 19:51

I feel your pain. DD8 is under the enuresis team for daytime and nighttime wetting and she still floods the bed nightly through her pull ups. We used DryNites, Pyjama pants and now have pull ups supplied by the LA. All of them have leaked! They just all seem to bunch up around the bum/gusset in the night and then leak round the sides.

Have you been referred to your local enuresis service? Sounds like he would be eligible.


mapmyface · 20/08/2015 19:55

As a short term solution have you tried putting two on at the same time. One back to front, and making sure the willy is tucked down. Worked for us.


MaltaVestrit · 20/08/2015 19:56

mammatj I will start checking again but I always say when he's putting them on 'make sure your willy is pointing down!' so he does know about this.

mrstodds I haven't gone down that road yet as I feel its too early to worry. he is dry in the day (eventually, took 2 years to get there!) so therefore it is the lack of hormone that is the issue rather than an overall problem. I had both day and night dryness issues as a child and there is other family history of being late to be dry at night so it hasn't really surprised me. my GP was of the opinion that as he is able to be dry in the day that there is not a medical problem per se, just that he isn't producing the hormone and to come back when he is 7/8 or when it becomes a 'social issues' - I guess embarrassment for sleepovers etc.

OP posts:

DoJo · 20/08/2015 20:24

YANBU that they shouldn't leak, but have you tried padding them with something? I use Tesco value sanitary towels in my son's nappies because he had so many problems with overnight leaks - they are like mattresses and can hold a lot more wee than a nappy/pyjama pants alone!


Rarity08 · 20/08/2015 21:41

Pampers do bed mats to save the wet bedding.


DJThreeDog · 20/08/2015 21:47

We have found the same. Tbh we just use nappies which are cheaper and do a better job.

If DS was bothered we'd go back to the pull ups but he's really not. I suspect it bothers him more waking up in a puddle of wee.


MaltaVestrit · 20/08/2015 22:03

rarity DS still moves around the bed a fair bit and often ends up on top/wrapped in his covers so it gets on everything unfortunately.

DJ DS is starting to go for sleepovers etc which is why we changed from nappies and now he doesn't want to go back as 'nappies are for babies' and I don't want him to feel like a baby for something that isn't his fault and is out of his control.

will try doubling up or perhaps putting a nappy inside the pull up.

OP posts:

Palomb · 20/08/2015 22:08

We use bedmats for ds6 :)


monkeysox · 20/08/2015 22:11

Underjams were the only ones that held enough once 6+ nappies were too small


cluelessnchaos · 20/08/2015 22:13

If your ds still fits into size 6 then LIDL are the best we have ever used. Only ones that ds2 age 4 doesn't leak.


wanderingwondering · 20/08/2015 22:19

I would take him when you go to bed as you say, just to have one less wee in the pull up.
Aldi pull ups are pretty good but not sure how big they go.
What about some reusable absorbent boosters that cloth nappy users use? Not as sweaty as 2 pull ups/nappies and not as expensive either


bumbleymummy · 20/08/2015 22:19

I was going to suggest mattress pads as others have done already.

We used to take ours for a wee when we came up to bed every night as well. Is that something you could do?


bumbleymummy · 20/08/2015 22:20

That's a good idea about the boosters wandering.


DJThreeDog · 20/08/2015 22:21

No true. Mine hasn't been on a sleepover yet but I'd feel the same.

We bought some fleece blankets from Dunelm - ok you still have to wash them if they get weed on but they are easier to wash and dry than a duvet.

By the way, we have one twin that we get up at midnight for a wee - he's in the main ok although not really ready. He is bothered by nappies. Other twin wets even if we get him up. I don't actually know how he makes that much wee!


Sagethyme · 20/08/2015 22:31

Night pants are well pants! We use the normal pullups, but not sure what size they go upto. But they fit my 5yr old with plenty of room to spare.


SouthWestmom · 20/08/2015 22:35

What has saved my sanity has been brolly sheets. Ds 12 and ds 8 both wet and these have been amazing. Make the bed as normal then add a half brolly sheet and if they wet you just change the brolly sheet - waterproof backing and washable.


MaltaVestrit · 21/08/2015 09:09

Thanks for the suggestions.

I could try the normal nappy pull ups but they are more 'babyish' in design (and my younger two use them) so not sure if he'd go for it. I assumed (apparently stupidly) that going up to the age 4-7 oyjama pants would be designed to hold a 7 year olds bladder full and therefore be better than nappies! he still leaked in nappies once or twice a week!

I think I will try getting him up for a wee when I go to bed to try and reduce the volume going into the pull up.

DJ I have no idea how DS creates so much wee either! DT1 is already dry overnight at 3 and DT2 only has one smallish wee in his pull up in the morning - DS can be wet already at 10/11pm!!

noeuf never heard of brolly sheets but am off to google!!

wandering I will have a look at the cloth nappy booster things too, thanks.

OP posts:

memememum · 21/08/2015 11:18

Hi Maltavestrit. We've had very much the same problem. Going up to age 8-15 (for a six.five year old!) made it a bit better (say 3 leaks a week instead of 6).
Now, however, we haven't had a leak in about 3 weeks and I'm convinced it's because in term time she was too shy to ask to go to the loo and spending 5 days a week hanging on desperate for hours on end. Now she's had a few weeks at home going when she likes her muscles are toning up much better.
Good luck.


Yourethe1formefatty · 21/08/2015 15:59

Can I ask how bed mats save the bedding please? Genuine question, not being sarcastic.

I put them under the sheets and they save the mattress but I still have to wash the sheet minimum and often duvet cover and/or duvet too.

If I put them on top of the sheet they get scrunched up so even the mattress gets soak.

OP - sympathies I have the exact same problem except with TWO dc. It's a nightmare, esp on my working days trying to get all the bedding in the machine so I can hang it up before work.

Underjams work best for us but not foolproof.


whatyouseeiswhatyouget · 21/08/2015 16:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pengweng · 21/08/2015 16:33

I don't know how heavy/big he is but a few cloth nappy manufacturers make cloth pull ups for overnight wetters. Motherease is one of them around £20. They can be expensive but you can buy them second hand to test one and see if it can withstand the wee.

There are also a brand called Super undies. They are about £30 a pair but if you washed every day you would only need two pairs (which seems expensive but how much are the night pull ups?)

I think getting him up for a wee when you go to bed and then putting a fresh pair of pants on then might help. I know some people who put incontinence pads in nappies for over nights too. That might be a cheaper first step. Something like tena lady/man should work.


MaltaVestrit · 21/08/2015 19:01

I'm sorry others are having the same issue, although also glad for the suggestions!!

meme I may try the next size up then, DS is a skinny Minnie so was worried they would just fall down!!

I have a full waterproof sheet under the normal sheet which obviously saves the mattress but I'm just feeling frustrated that I pay all this money for pull ups and still have to wash pjs, sheets and duvets most days too!!

peng i'll have a look at those links, thanks.

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