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Which Nanny agency

7 replies

sevyhh · 20/08/2015 11:40

Hi, I am looking for a nanny agency and have no idea where to start ... We are located in Wimbledon and the agency could be either local or London based. Appreciate any advice on it. Thanks so much

OP posts:

sparechange · 20/08/2015 11:57

Baby Room on Northcote Road in SW11 is highly rated as a local agency
You might be better getting this moved to a more relevant category though...


softhedgehog · 20/08/2015 12:34 before you bother with an agency

They charge a fortune and do very little.


JaneAustinAllegro · 20/08/2015 12:44

absolutely what hedgehog said. Every agency I've ever briefed has proved to be an appalling waste of time - they do not see everyone before they send them to you, they do not match up the job description with what the nanny is looking to do - I can give you a long list of candidates I've wasted an hour talking to before it transpires they expect to bring a dog / work fewer days than we require / are banned from driving / were clearly fired from their last role etc etc.


MrsHarveySpecter · 20/08/2015 16:25

Baby Room charged me £60 to register eight weeks ago and have failed to send through a single may be because we are only looking part time but I feel like I have been had...


scarlets · 20/08/2015 19:46

Word of mouth. Nannies might know other nannies. Or poach a nursery worker if you've access to any. Friends with older children may know of a good nanny who's soon going to be surplus to requirements. Make sure that your local friends and your neighbours know you're on the hunt.


mlewis123 · 25/09/2015 16:00

baby room nanny agency, they do meet their nannies on site definitely. i walked in and saw them interviewing whilst i was speaking to one of their consultants about my requirements. received great service, they type candidates cvs themselves, which gives you an idea more or less, what the candidate did on the job, so very helpful as some agencies just send you really candidate cv( original one) with hardly any info on it. they not the cheapest but i think well priced like for a high street agency and what they do. they do pay for candidates dbs so you know what you get. also they check references at least all candidates we had from them had their ref outcomes on their cvs.


Onthepigsback · 25/09/2015 16:33

Gumtree was brilliant. Got lots of CVs. Shortlisted 5 for interviews and have had the most amazing nanny for the last year as a result. I just hired a nanny payroll outfit online to take care of that stuff for £125/yr.

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