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to never use Hermes again?

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00100001 · 19/08/2015 16:52


Four parcels I had,t hat was all. all that needed to happen was them to collect them, and deliver them - not hard!

1 was collected and subsequently lost
3 were collected six days after the paid for collection date - their suggestion "of you can drop them off at a pick up point!"


OP posts:

listsandbudgets · 19/08/2015 17:46


I had a parcel delivered while I was away. They sensibly left it in the wheely bin and it has now been recycled Not happy. Now trying to get a refund

Moronic idiots!! (I don't blame the driver, I suspect he's been told that he has to consider a wheely bin a safe place!)


00100001 · 19/08/2015 18:31

My missing parcel was delivered jith tia "safe place" and pit thrigh the letter box Hmm

OP posts:

Enkopkaffetak · 19/08/2015 18:50

HATE Hermes with a passion. Last 3 parcels they were meant to send to my house have gone missing. 2 I have managed to find by going through every street in our town that sounds similar to mine (not easy when you live in an area that uses one word a LOT)

One was completely lost and Ebay/seller didnt give a damn so I lost the money there. Really irritated. poor service awful customer service and bad bad bad


Queenbean · 19/08/2015 18:52

I totally read this as the posh scarf and tie people. Thought "this won't go well...."

Yanbu. They are at the shittiest end of shit.


thegreatgatsby101 · 19/08/2015 18:53


I've had nothing but trouble from them also.


blibblobblub · 19/08/2015 19:10

They are awful.

The delivery woman near us got all pissy at me when I said we don't have anywhere safe in our garden to leave future parcels (we really don't!), even though I'd given no indication there'd even be any future parcels...


LavenderRain · 19/08/2015 19:44

I've also had some £50 perfume delivered to my wheelie bin Hmm
Said bin was at the gate ready for emptying. When I rang to complain they said I had told the driver to put it in the bin,
Bollocks did I?!


borisgudanov · 19/08/2015 19:45

This lot left our parcel in the bin once whilst it was in the street waiting for the rubbish truck. You don't get much stupider than that.


MrsTrentReznor · 19/08/2015 19:50

We had a framed picture thrown in the back garden when we were on holiday...Hmm
I refuse to have anything to do with Hermes now. I actually email the company in question to tell them why I won't be shopping with them if I get to checkout and find they use them.
Some companies come back to you with an alternative carrier!
I'm not sure what the solution would be regarding eBay though.


mollie123 · 19/08/2015 20:02

I am not alone then, I live down a 300 metre track (rough farm track but perfectly passable by cars, the postie and other couriers)
Hermes 'refuse' to deliver but will not phone for me to collect from the cattle grid - aaargh. (I could even take my car to the end)
now I will not buy anything from any retailer who uses them (said retailers had to refund my money) so you would think that Hermes would go under without any custom - unless out there are success stories of how helpful/wonderful they are Hmm


00100001 · 19/08/2015 21:15

i think the problem is the couriers seem to be self-employed and probably aren't paid well, so don;t give a toss!

Royal Mail all he way from now on!

OP posts:

Gatehouse77 · 19/08/2015 21:25

My parcel was put in a secure outbuilding - translates to 'lobbed over the fence'! Fortunately, said package was a cuddly toy and came to no harm. Luckily for them it was before the rain set in!

I informed the company I purchased from. Hopefully, if enough people do this Hermes will lose their contract with companies.


blibblobblub · 19/08/2015 21:50

binary you say that, but I had to put a complaint in to Royal Mail after they left my parcel in my (empty!) recycling bin. Have you ever tried to reach the bottom of a recycling bin? Not good!

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