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AIBU to feel really happy due to having a suntan?

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SighingandYawning · 19/08/2015 10:38

I just do, when I catch sight of my tanned skin I feel on top of the world. I know it's bad for you blah blah blah and it's probably social conditioning, and I'm already fat, haggard and wrinkled enough without making it worse.

OP posts:
Ifiwasabadger · 19/08/2015 19:38

Oh limited, you are so out of touch! Fake tan stinks no longer!

limitedperiodonly · 19/08/2015 19:41

I put it on last week ifiwasabadger

Yes it does.

tomatodizzymum · 19/08/2015 19:47

Enjoy it, it means you got some vitamin D (which might be why you're happy). I think the whole sun makes you look older has been blown out of proportion. What ages your skin and puts you at risk is getting sunburn, especially when you haven't seen the sun in months, also lifestyle stress and diet contribute far more to aging than the sun does.

Ifiwasabadger · 19/08/2015 19:55

Limited you are using the wrong one! Which one? I have made it my life long mission to find the non smelling ones. I live in a hot country and need to be brown without being outside in 50"degree heat.

Birdsgottafly · 19/08/2015 19:56

I would rather be orange than white, I just can't do it. I've found a few, that I can afford, that look good enough.

I used to be a regular user of sun beds, but since I'm heading towards 50, I'm hanging on to what collagen I've got left.

I wish I could accept being white, having a tan definitely gives me a psychological lift.

Cherryblossomsinspring · 19/08/2015 19:58

Great that it makes you feel good. YANBU.

Osolea · 19/08/2015 20:04

I'm completely with you OP, I love having a tan. When I go on holiday I make an effort to build up a nice tan, but unfortunately trying to maintain it in this country without a bottle is futile. There are some really good fake tan products out there that will suit different people well, as well as plenty of crap ones.

CrystalCove · 19/08/2015 20:07

Theres loads of things that give me a lift but the colour of my skin isn't one of them, I genuinely don't get it. But if youre happy its no-one elses business.

GreyBird84 · 19/08/2015 20:17

YANBU - and I'm a malignant melanoma survivor.
I never over exposed or burned & I'm the first in my family to have it. The ironic thing was I fake tanned once a week (& still do).
There is no nicer feeling than the warmth of the sun on your skin but I know first hand its dangers.
Stick to the bottled tan OP.

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