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I know it's UR to ask you to help with this, but it's a good place to start for me....

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Fatmomma99 · 17/08/2015 00:25

Last Tuesday I slipped off the bottom step of our stairs and fell over backward in a straight line (think ironing board/domino). I hit the area above my hip on my back very hard, but no other harm done.

On Wednesday we packed up all the stuff and went camping (as was the plan), got home tonight.

I have been in AGONY!

I'm not one to ask for help, but (oh fuck), I'm in hell. DH doesn't drive, so I've driven across country, which I thought would be OK, because it's the right side that was hurt, and and you change gears with the left, etc. Changing gears was ok (most of the time, not all), but - bloody hell - the handbrake hurt (we were in a hilly place with narrow spots - all handbrake stops and starts). Reaching out hurts. Picking up things hurts.

I've barely slept all week because being on an airbed hurts. Rolling over in any direction hurts enough to wake me up.

I assumed I'd bruised myself and it would start to get better.

Home tonight. On a proper sofa/chair (to check out MN). With a hot water bottle against my back. No visible bruise I can see.

Still in agony.

So, what should I do? Do i need an x-ray (and do I go to A&E to get it, or go via my GP?) (I don't 'get' the NHS these days!). Do I book a massage? Do I need a chiroprctor or an osteopath?

I do know you're not qualified medics, but could I have some advice, please? I'm in agony!

OP posts:

Todayisnottheday · 17/08/2015 00:32

If you are in that much pain you should have it checking. I'd see if you can get a quick appointment with the gp personally as they will refer you for x rays if needed but, if you can't get in for some time, consider a&e/minor injuries. By now you should be feeling some improvement.


DonkeyOaty · 17/08/2015 00:57

Yes GP tomorrow.

For tonight - are you able to take painkillers? And off sofa and into bed please. Poor you. Boo.


shadowfax07 · 17/08/2015 01:03

GP tomorrow, and if your GP isn't concerned, go to a sports injury physiotherapist. I find our local one far more gentle than the osteopath I saw when away from home and in agony. Painkillers if you can take them, and you could try rubbing ibuprofen gel into the area too.

Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight. Flowers


sadwidow28 · 17/08/2015 02:01

I feel your pain!

Your GP will be able to prescribe some heavy-duty pain-killers but they are not allowed to 'tickle the bones' as my GP calls it. (Not unless they have additional qualifications.)

You won't be able to get a physio referral on NHS fast enough so my advice is to look for a Chiropractor on t'internet and book an appointment. I have had to use one twice. Both times I crawled in (back injury like yours on one occasion) and walked out straight. I was still sore and bruised from my fall, but just to get my bones clicked back into place brought enormous relief.

Good luck


crazykat · 17/08/2015 09:45

It sounds like you've either pulled the muscle or your back's gone into spasm. If it a a spasm it feels like the muscle is really really tight and everything hurts - sitting, standing, lying down, reaching, even breathing can hurt sometimes.

I'd go to the gp who will more than likely either refer you to a&e for an xray and/or give you strong painkillers like tramadol, maybe even amytryptaline or diazapam. Don't let them fob you off with ibuprofen if you're in that much pain, you'll just end up having to go back again.


DeeWe · 17/08/2015 10:56

My back went into spasm a couple of years ago having done nothing that I knew of to cause it. Gp gave me strong painkillers, two types and after a couple of days I could function.


Fatmomma99 · 17/08/2015 11:37

Thanks, all.

Still in lots of pain this morning (and, yes - spasm-ing) even after my lovely bed.

Rang GP (thanks for the advice) and actually have an appointment for this afternoon.

You recommend chiropractor not osteopath? I'm not sure I even really know the difference.

Many thanks, and hugs to all of you who are or have suffered too. x

OP posts:

DonkeyOaty · 17/08/2015 12:11

Fingers crossed for appt later.


dejarderoncar · 17/08/2015 13:32

I slipped on stairs and cracked the edge of a step right across the base of my spine 15 years ago, and am still suffering because it was not diagnosed and treated adequately at the time.

Please try and get a definitive diagnosis and the right treatment, as so many things could be causing the pain, ranging from 'nothing to worry about' to severe nerve damage.


OohMrDarcy · 17/08/2015 13:36

If you have spasms, Diazepam is what you need - amazing stuff

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