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To disagree that celebrities having tattoos

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HoneyDragon · 15/08/2015 20:37

Encourages us mere mortals to get them?

The local government agency have decided that celebrities showing off their professionally done tattoos is in someway responsible for stupid people buying diy kits and doing their own Confused


The LGA says celebrities posting images of tattoos online are encouraging people to get them

What logic is this? Stupid people wanting to buy dodgy equipment to tattoo themselves is somehow because of celebrity culture?

AIBU to give an almighty WTHuh?

OP posts:

OrangeIsMyNewBlack · 15/08/2015 20:41

We need to stop blaming society at large for an individuals idiocy.


Justanotherlurker · 15/08/2015 20:42

Well, over the past few years it has become fashionable to have tattoos, and there is people who follow fashion trends avidly, so there will be no doubt some correlation.


TheOriginalWinkly · 15/08/2015 20:43

I think there are plenty of idiots out there who will do something because a Beckham or a Kardashian did it. Posters on mumsnet tend to overestimate the common sense of the general public. So YABU I think.


HoneyDragon · 15/08/2015 20:44

The LGA need to stop the sale of dodgy equipment though surely?

Not go to the press muttering that it's all that Ed bloody Sheerans fault.

OP posts:

specialsubject · 15/08/2015 20:59

Slebs do have influence otherwise they wouldn't be paid fortunes to advertise stuff or put their name on cheap stink that all smells the same.

unfortunately there ARE a lot of people daft enough to be influenced.

but doing your own scribbles because some talentless shrieker has the same is a whole new level of idiocy.


MitzyLeFrouf · 15/08/2015 21:00

'Mortals' are definitely influenced by celebrities when it comes to tattoos. No doubt about it. Consider the tattoo sleeve. They used to be a sub-culture statement then David Beckham got his and now ten years on they're a standard sight on a standard bloke's arm.

Most people have the sense though to leave it to the professionals. How could anyone think a homemade tattoo is going to look anything other than crap.

But yes, lots of people look to celebs for tattoo inspiration.


HoneyDragon · 15/08/2015 21:12

But for a government agency to blame the celebrities?

They are just giving people an excuse for poor decision making.

Celebrities don't make people stupid. They do that all by themselves.

Will their be a spate of Daily Mail sad faces now with the tag line Ed Sheeran gave me Hepatitus B.

OP posts:

MitzyLeFrouf · 15/08/2015 21:16

They're being lazy, mention some celebrity names in your press release and it's more likely to get picked up on by the news outlets.


Doublebubblebubble · 15/08/2015 21:23

I have tattoos. I have liked a few celeb tattoos. Never once have I felt the need to tattoo myself or get a friend to do it. Apparently I have common sense for this, I have terrible common sense otherwise lol. Professional all the way. I know that Justin Bieber yuck yuck yuck and Rihanna have both been photographed (at a pro studio) tattooing themselves or others much to the furore of licencing people and authority types and I think this article also has to do with the high price of tattoos. The cheapest one I have (on my wrist - about an inch across) was £50 - nearly 10 years ago. The most expensive was £240 - which I deemed reasonable as I was done in london


Justanotherlurker · 15/08/2015 21:28

Well there is quite a large section of society that do expect 'government' to give warnings so they can ignore personal responsibility.

As for the government not making people stupid, that argument can be made on various levels.

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