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People who use "end of" to finish statements on forums

29 replies

HoneyDragon · 15/08/2015 17:22

Do they ever read back and think. "Yeaaaaaah, I'm a twat".

Because they ought to.

And as for the ones that write "end off"

I have no words for that, just quietly repressed violent thoughts.

OP posts:

FryOneFatManic · 15/08/2015 17:54

I've only used "end of" a few times, and only when speaking. I've used it when I've got a bit cross that I've not been listened to, and usually it has worked in that my point has been recognised.


MitzyLeFrouf · 15/08/2015 18:28

Hate 'end of'.

And also, the pseudo philosophical 'it is what it is' when they can't think of anything sensible to say.

Probably also fond of saying 'that which does not kill us makes us stronger babes'.


WorraLiberty · 15/08/2015 18:30

It's twattish


EmeraldKitten · 15/08/2015 18:31

People are entitled to use any language they want.

YABU. End off.


Whiskwarrior · 15/08/2015 18:35

Worra got in before me, was going to say 'gavel'.

Even worse is people who go '99.9% of children have blue eyes FACT', then get arsey when challenged and go 'if you want statistics, look them up yourself' or (even better) 'I don't believe in statistics'.

No, you just believe in FACTS.


tomatodizzymum · 15/08/2015 18:38

I just think they've spent too much time in forums.


TheFirstOfHerName · 15/08/2015 18:38

Didn't we do this yesterday?


HoneyDragon · 15/08/2015 19:10

TheFirst did we? Sorry I had a day of, can some one send me the minutes?

Worra, are you still secretary, did you take them?

I just find it rude when it's used as a way to shut down the conversation.

In Frys case I suspect that the end off wasn't needed and the statement was enough.

I quite like gavel as that usually applied with numerous intent. "end of" is dismissive.

OP posts:

lemoncordial · 16/08/2015 11:39

I hate that phrase. Makes me feel stabby.

IME it is only used by ignorant people who are very stuck in their views and like to believe the daily mail.


ephemeralfairy · 16/08/2015 14:17

I prefer 'fin'.


itsbetterthanabox · 16/08/2015 14:22

People that say 'end of' are not the kind of people that self reflect enough to realise it's ridiculous.


FenellaFellorick · 16/08/2015 15:09

Ahh, bugger 'em. It's mostly just a turn of phrase rather than a serious statement saying nobody may post now after this.

Someone typing 'end of' doesn't close the thread to new posts. You can still post on it and if you're in a bloody minded mood it makes you more likely to.

Or is that just me Grin


CrabbyTheCrabster · 16/08/2015 17:01

Hate it hate it hate it. Utterly twattish thing to say/write.


howtorebuild · 16/08/2015 17:03

Each to their own. Grin


NarrativeArc · 16/08/2015 17:07

I hate it almost as much as those who sigh theatrically and make the same point with 'why has no one listened?' Do they expect us all to go, right then, let's pack up?

Or those that demand evidence, an apology or an answer.
Seriously, this isn't a court of law!


Rainicorn · 16/08/2015 17:09

I hate is, but not as much as when people end something with 'rant over'. As if we didn't get that from the full stop at the end of your typing.


fourtothedozen · 16/08/2015 17:13

"way shape or form " is also close.


bertsdinner · 16/08/2015 17:21

I dislike it,
I dislike "just sayin" more


SmashleyHop · 16/08/2015 17:21

I recently had "I'll shut up now" and "I've said enough" passive aggressive crap apparently said to spare my feelings? Hmm


NoArmaniNoPunani · 16/08/2015 17:24

I hate people who hand out grips. Shove your grip up your arse.


MitzyLeFrouf · 16/08/2015 17:25

I hate people who


Queenbean · 16/08/2015 17:25

I enjoy the irony of you making a point about people mis-typing "of" and "off" in the first post, then doing that exact thing in the second Grin


specialsubject · 16/08/2015 18:46

I use it when there is an undeniable fact.

The many who flicked their hair through science class and believe diet babble, beauty-cons and probably that the earth is flat too don't tend to like it.

Ranting doesn't change the facts. The hard bit is knowing the facts.


Anotheronebitthedust · 16/08/2015 18:58

Hardly any phrases bother me BUT the only one that actually makes me rage when it is used at the end of posts is "Simples."

This is MN, not an out of date meerkat advert. Use grown up words if you want to add emphasis to your argument, please.


Vatersay · 17/08/2015 00:24

I used to work with someone who would have a rant and finish off with 'and you can't argue with that'.

Apparently this had worked very effectively to shut everyone else down until I came along and said, "Of course I can and here's a list of reasons why..." Grin

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