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To be so worried about Dd's tooth extractions?

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PingpongDingDong · 14/08/2015 23:38

I know I am being silly but anyway, Dd (12) has to have 4 teeth out in preparation for having braces. I just feel ridiculously worried about it. I have no idea why because I'm not an anxious person and I've had absolutely tons of dental work done myself! It's the thought of her being in pain and them actually doing it while she's awake (numb though obviously) that's really upsetting me. Can someone please reassure me that it will be fine? I obviously haven't told her I'm worried and she is not stressing about it. Mind you she's never anything done to her teeth before.

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WorraLiberty · 14/08/2015 23:46

My DS(16) has an awful fear of dentists.

He had to have his last baby tooth pulled a few weeks ago, because it was somehow stuck to the adult tooth coming through.

I suggested he take his phone and headphones and try to lose himself in music, while the dentist took (as it turned out) 20 minutes to get the tooth out.

There was no actual pain though...just a 'weird' feeling and he came through it just fine.

Maybe suggest the music thing too? The dentist didn't mind, and said she'd tap him on the shoulder if she actually needed to speak to he could take his headphones out.


landrover · 14/08/2015 23:49

You will have to tell her to put her brave head on, my daughter is a complete wimp but you have to be honest with them. The injection is uncomfortable certainly, but the extractions are usually simple, easy and quick. She will be fine with you holding her hand and being brave also! xxxx Good luck, let us know how it goes!


PingpongDingDong · 14/08/2015 23:49

Thanks Worra, I so appreciate that good idea. I am bemused at my feelings about it as I've had SO much dental work done and our dentist is fantastic. It's just that she's never even had an injection in her mouth and then 4 teeth....I feel like she's being violated! Absolutely ridiculous of me I know!!

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PingpongDingDong · 14/08/2015 23:51

It's not her landrover it's me! She's the sort that would never cry or make a fuss but would silently be distraught. I'm going to get a grip. She will be fine!

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WorraLiberty · 14/08/2015 23:54

Haha! I know the feeling OP Grin

You'll take her there and when she recoils slightly at the injection, you'll want to punch the dentist in the face and shout, "Stop hurting my child you bastard!!" Grin

I'm sure she'll be fine and much braver than you Thanks


PingpongDingDong · 15/08/2015 00:00

Thank you! That's just it. Hopefully I'll restrain myself and not thump him or do the opposite and make stupid jokes because I'm actually really wound up! Will think about how to strike the right balance so I'm actually a help to her. Now I have a tiny insight as to why it was so horrendous for my mum to support me through a difficult labour with dd!

OP posts:

WorraLiberty · 15/08/2015 00:04

Grin Grin Perhaps you need to zone out with your own music!!


Tory79 · 15/08/2015 00:18

I had to have 6 teeth out before I had braces as my mouth is very small - it was fine! Not nearly as bad as having the brace itself (sorry Blush)


miffytherabbit3 · 15/08/2015 00:42

My DD had the same thing done for the same reason and I felt just like you are now. It was all fine though and my now grown up DD has the most beautiful, perfect, even set of teeth I have ever seen. It was all worth it, even the braces!


PingpongDingDong · 15/08/2015 06:40

Thanks all, I will get a grip and calm down!

OP posts:

FFSletmechangemyname · 15/08/2015 08:41

My DD had just had this done a few weeks ago, they did 2 teeth at a time, 2 weeks apart.

She was fine and handled it amazingly, we were in and out in 20 mins and no moaning or complaining of it hurting afterwards.
I hate the dentist and I have all my work done without the injections as those are what hurt me the most but DD didn't really feel them.

I'm sure she will be fine good luck Smile


maddening · 15/08/2015 08:49

I had 4 extractions as those adult teeth came out then started to submerge again - I subsequently had braces to close the gap (my ddad was my dentist :) )

I can safely say that the bracea themselves were the painful part of it all - extractions felt weird but fine, braces following being applied were agony and every time they got tightened- def get pain killers in for the braces but the extractions look worse than they are.


Hepzibar · 15/08/2015 08:53

Both of mine had to have teeth extracted ready for braces. I too, was beside myself with worry (and my DM was worse -am sure she wasn't like that when I had my teeth out!)

Just to warn you - the level of worry hits the roof whilst they are actually have the procedure done.

They were both absolutely fine, this fact that this procedure is happening all day every day, all over the world, should reassure us but when it's your precious DC's it might as well be the first time it's ever happened (because it is to them).

Wearing the braces - well that's a whole new level of stress made to torture every parent especially DS


paulapompom · 15/08/2015 15:23

Is she having sedation? I did for wisdom teeth extraction - brilliant. You trust your dentist I think it's just natural protective instinct kicking in. You will both be fine Flowers


Mrsmorton · 15/08/2015 15:29

There's no real need for sedation tbh as long as she's not phobic. FWIW, I wouldn't do orthodontic extractions on a child who needed sedation- they can't have it every time they have an adjustment to their braces and you do risk making them dependent on it.

Op, erm, do you have to watch? Could you see them into the chair and just nip out to make a phone call etc? Sometimes you can transmit waves of anxiety across the surgery!!! It will be fine, children's teeth are relatively easy to extract and the bone is lovely and soft and heals very quickly.

The single most important thing afterwards is to leave the sockets alone. Totally. Not even look at them in a mirror. I took a tooth out of my GP last week and made him promise to ignore it. He did and it was almost perfectly healed over in 5 days (the bone takes longer to fill in) and he's old, miserable and smokes. So DD will be fine fine fine.


Isthatwhatdemonsdo · 15/08/2015 15:30

My DS had two teeth out ready for braces. He was fine. I was there with him while they did it.


Roussette · 15/08/2015 15:46

My DD had 6 out for the same reason and at the same age (serious overcrowding)! Apart from local anaesthetic the dentist used that anaesthetic that makes you sort of conscious but a bit unaware. She had 6 out at once and when she got up out the chair she wanted to go back to school! She was so funny, like she was drunk, I took her home and mollycoddled her.

Trust your dentist and focus on the long term. My DD (now in her twenties) had braces and retainers and little elastic band things and god knows what - it went on for years. She has the most beautiful set of teeth now. They are absolutely perfect, straight, and like a hollywood smile (without the ridiculous whiteness!) She was so lucky to have a good dentist and a brilliant orthodontist. Just look to the future and think that your DD will have a beautiful smile and it will be worth it.

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