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8 replies

OnlyHave1PairOfHands · 14/08/2015 15:56

So here it goes, wibu to paint over the wallpaper in living room even though it's only been up since the week before the kids broke up for summer holidays? Here's my plan.

  1. dh has agreed to let me have new corner sofa hate our 2 & 3 seater combo completely wrong for the room.

2. The rest of the 3 walls were painted before the paper went up, so papered wall will be the same colour as them have 1/2 tub left.
3. Then I'll buy some new different paper to hang on a different wall as corner unit will have to go against papered wall to fit in, so not much point to having that one papered really.

I also don't like the paper, well didn't really like it to start with if I'm honest so don't know why I went for it really. Oh and I'll be doing all diy myself dh is useless at it because he doesn't want to be doing it.
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OnlyHave1PairOfHands · 14/08/2015 15:58

And can you actually paint over patterned wallpaper? Anyone done this successfully?

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Optimist1 · 14/08/2015 16:04

Painting over patterned paper isn't a great idea - depending on the pattern it will take more coats of paint than if you had stripped it off. And if there's any metallic element to the pattern it won't be hidden by paint at all! Sorry ... Sad


OnlyHave1PairOfHands · 14/08/2015 16:11

The papers white with a very light patten on it, infact so light you can hardly see it depending on what angle you look from and therefore looks like a plain white wall.

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OnlyHave1PairOfHands · 14/08/2015 16:14

The paper is white with a very light patten on it, which you can hardly see from some angles. That's of the main reasons I hate it so much it just looks like a very long 7m white wall.

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momb · 14/08/2015 16:15

YWBU. Bite the bullet and strip it to give the best finish for your shiny new sofa.


wednesdaysocks · 14/08/2015 16:16

If it's an embossed pattern and you paint it a darker colour it may show up more, also I've found it harder to remove wallpaper that's been painted over.


OnlyHave1PairOfHands · 14/08/2015 16:19

Lol its not the striping, I need to justify this to dh as I only redecorated 5 weeks ago. I need some to tell me they think it's perfectly acceptable to decorate again so I can show him proof. Oh and recommend I need new curtains to match!

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HarrietSchulenberg · 14/08/2015 16:33

TBH I'd put up with it as I hate decorating. But really, really don't paint over the wallpaper unless it's specifically designed to be painted, like anaglypta (shudder). It will probably have a "wipe clean" finish on it that will have to be sanded and primed first. If you really want to change the colour, strip the paper off and paint it.

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