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To be creeped out by this insect?

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Ihateigglepiggle · 12/08/2015 17:10

What on earth is this? It's been on my front door all day. I'd love to know what it is and what I should do? I'm a wimp so not into touching it.

To be creeped out by this insect?
OP posts:

BoredAdminGirl · 12/08/2015 17:11

Some kind of moth/catterpillar


anonymice · 12/08/2015 17:11

It's just a moff, isn't it? Ignore it and it will go away....


ginmakesitallok · 12/08/2015 17:11

Isn't it 2 shagging moths?


CantWorkItOut22 · 12/08/2015 17:11

That's a moth surely? Having a kip while its bright and hot. I bet he'll be off later and you'll never see him again.


LeChien · 12/08/2015 17:11

Isn't it two moths together?


anonymice · 12/08/2015 17:12

ooh yes, two bonking moffs. Still, ignore them, I feel. They will fly away at dusk.


Ihateigglepiggle · 12/08/2015 17:16

If it is two months, they've been having a great time all day then.

I'm not sure it is though because the 'wing' bits seem to come right up over the head.

At first I thought it was a slug, but the moth-lovers idea is in the lead now.

OP posts:

BarbarianMum · 12/08/2015 17:17

Prize goes to gin Two moths shagging. Best just to let them get on with it.


Notasinglefuckwasgiven · 12/08/2015 17:18

Bom-chikka-wow-wow moths Grin


Charley50 · 12/08/2015 17:42

A double-ended moth.


SugarOnTop · 12/08/2015 18:59

google Hawkmoth, they are huge and so beautiful i think. never knew moths existed in that size until i saw one sat on the lampshade enjoying my company! Grin


EponasWildDaughter · 12/08/2015 19:10

I love moths! Grin

Moths a'mating. Smaller one is pointing down. That'll be the male wont it?


SycamoreMum · 12/08/2015 19:15

I'll swap your moth creature (which I am absolutely terrified of by the way) for the False Widow Spider growing in my window pane. Hmm


Ihateigglepiggle · 12/08/2015 19:55

You were all right. The one on the bottom is gone now and its partner looks more like a moth now they aren't attached.

I don't know what a false widow spider is, but it sounds terrifying. So, thanks but I'll pass on the swap.

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