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to think the Labour leadership battle is now a complete farce?

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Bleakhouse1879 · 12/08/2015 13:17

With the problems surrounding changing the format of who is allowed to vote, which allows opposition to vote for their leader, problems with registration, having to extend the deadline due to technical problems, the daft behind-the-scenes attacks by each candidate on each other and the old timers of the party coming out to attack/defend Jeremy Corbyn.
In my view the Labour Party need one strong candidate to unite the party to give the new emboldened Tories some effective opposition. Whichever candidate wins will spend the next five years fighting divisions within and not effectively holding the Government to account. Every good democracy needs effective opposition and I think Labour may end up deserting the constitutional role they have inherited

OP posts:

HowDdo2You · 12/08/2015 13:18

It's a new system, lessons will be learned.


LurkingHusband · 12/08/2015 13:19

For some reason, Jorge Luis Borges comments on the Falklands war as being like two bald men fighting over a comb seem strangely apposite when I hear about the Labour leadership.

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