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whereistheoldme · 10/08/2015 20:31

I have been temping for a job, three months in I have been advised its not a salary paid job as I was lead to believe but hourly paid , I was told this three months in.

My boss talks down to everyone including me, and a few times he has made me feel stupid, and has made me cry once to the point I lost all confidence and went home.l

I have started to have asthma attacks, mouth ulcers and eczema this has not happened to me in many years.

I finally plucked the courage to say I did not approve of the way he treats me as I was dreading work and my self esteem has started to effect me.

its coming to the end of the probation period, but I said this to him and he said he was to busy that day and made other excuses he finally said he could see me 5 minutes before I finish work bearing in mind I leave after that for two weeks.

I'm really cross I feel I have gone above and beyond what has been asked of me and have said I need to leave early as I do not wish to give him 5 minutes or anymore of my time, I need a job though and I do have other agencies looking for me what do I do?

Thanks for listening.

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whereistheoldme · 10/08/2015 21:12


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Runningupthathill82 · 10/08/2015 21:16

I'm sorry, I've read this twice through and I'm not sure what the question is.
It's clear you're unhappy in your job, but is there something specific you wanted advice on?


Bleakhouse1879 · 10/08/2015 21:18

I've read it through and I couldn't understand it either. Apologies


SnapesCapes · 10/08/2015 21:18

What would I do? I'd leave, because any job which affects your health like that isn't worth it. Look around for something else right now, find somewhere better where you're going to be treated respectfully. An employer worth their salt won't treat staff like shite.


MsJuniper · 10/08/2015 21:19

It sounds like you're not at all happy there, I would focus on getting the agencies to find you something new. What difference does it make if its salaried or hourly paid? Does it specify any number of hours in the contract?

Can you spend some time looking at what has or hasn't suited you about the job (aside from the boss issue) and let this guide you in any future applications?


ShipShapeAhoy · 10/08/2015 21:21

Is there an Hr dept you can speak to?


bigbumtheory · 11/08/2015 08:03

I would leave too. I would contact hr and put in a complaint about him. Or put in a complaint while looking for other work.


trollkonor · 11/08/2015 09:55

Is it a temp to perm, or rolling temp job? And the first 3 months is a kind of probation?
Are you employed through an agency or is it short term contract with the company (with an understanding it may be extended past the initial 3 months)?
Sorry I'm confused :) but may change how you handle it.

One of the massive benefits of being employed by an agency is that its very easy to leave if you dont like the place. I've never walked before the initial job duration, if I'm told it will be 3 months ive always stayed that 3 months but Ive known others who have left jobs a couple of weeks in.

The company get the benefit of 'trying before they buy' and being able to get rid of someone with a weeks notice. Even if you've been told its x weeks you wil probably only be on a weeks notice. It may be a funding issue or your face doesnt fit, or internal politics.

But you get the same benefits, you can also try before you buy, you can also leave easily. Fake professional smile to management, as you nevr know if a position will arise in anothr department. Don't bitch to the agency but let them know in a positive way what you're looking for in a company and job.

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