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To take pictures of the kitchen & livingroom?

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justcallmethefixer · 08/08/2015 13:56

And stick them on the doors to remind dc's (and me) what clean and tidy actually looks like!
Ds(15) & dd(13) are out, I've spent the morning pottering about cleaning both rooms I sometimes forget how nice they can be cleaned & tidied. It's not taken long so why oh why do they become pigstys with in minutes of us all being home Sad

OP posts:

LumelaMme · 08/08/2015 15:18


I often feel like leaving messages around the place, like 'Can't you wipe the worktop?' and 'Are you all unable to top up the dogs' water?'


justcallmethefixer · 08/08/2015 19:18

It gets better, they are now staying out for the night so I get to enjoy a tidy home for an evening too Grin

OP posts:

LumelaMme · 08/08/2015 20:13

Oh, enjoy! I know that pleasure.
It's a bit like the first day of term, when everyone goes out, I tidy up and nobody makes a mess for, ooh, a few whole hours.

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