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To ask where you live if you can't hear your neighbours in your garden

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SEsofty · 07/08/2015 21:01

I know that everyone is entitled to enjoy their own garden but was really looking forward to a quiet glass of wine in the garden this evening. And all I can hear is children playing all around.

So is it possible to live anywhere, that's not the highlands, and guarantee some peace and quiet

OP posts:
echt · 07/08/2015 22:13

I live in suburban Melbourne, and you can hear a pin drop in the evening. Lovely.

Daytime though at the first hint of sunshine: strimmers, leaf blowers. Aargh.

PatriciaHolm · 07/08/2015 22:13

Surrey, decent garden, elderly neighbours!

Viviennemary · 07/08/2015 22:14

On a road of bungalows. They will be mostly older people. Who won't play loud music, bounce on trampolines or have screaming DC's.

LittleMissStubborn · 07/08/2015 22:17

We are reasonably quiet, though we do get some noise from the park out the back. The one side it is mainly just his mower and the other side it is only when the great-grandchild is there it gets a bit noisier, they can be a bit loud though (she maybe a great-grandma but isn't that old)

GreenTee · 07/08/2015 22:21

We live in Military housing and our neighbours had might as well be in our garden & vice versa! It is horrendous!

There is literally a 3ft mesh fence separating our gardens. It's even awkward popping out to hang the washing!

NorksAreMessy · 07/08/2015 22:24

In the middle of nowhere near Malvern
Noise here is usually tractors, cows, birds and dogs barking at hedgehogs.

BUT it is festival season and most weekends we hear distant thumpa-thumpa-thumpa-thump trance music from two fields away. I can live with that

AlpacaLypse · 07/08/2015 22:30

When I was very small, we went to look at a house. I remember my dad clambering up the tree at the top end of the garden, and coming back down with a big grin, saying ' Can't see any smoke!' He was right, we moved to that cottage a month or so later, the nearest neighbours were just over two miles away. Upside - some very splendid parties in the garden. Downside - being a teenager three miles from the bus route is not good...

Ruhrpott · 07/08/2015 22:40

We have a large detached house with a forest behind our garden and 80 year old neighbours both sides. No noise but lots of horse flys!

lemoncordial · 07/08/2015 23:09

I don't have a garden. Problem solved!

DadfromUncle · 07/08/2015 23:41

I can honestly say I love to hear the sound of kids enjoying themselves. Less keen on the apparent 24 hour home and garden improvements - all my immediate neighbours are retired and appear to have tons of time and cash to spend on these. And I get misophonia if I hear other people's music. A house some way off had a barbecue party last weekend and I got the rage so badly I had to go out for the day (it was stupidly loud)

tbtc · 07/08/2015 23:50

We love in a village but in a road of terrace houses with quite a few children. Generally it's pretty quiet, more coming and going on bikes than prolonged noise, but a new family have moved in nearby with 2 young children and the dad really riles them up. And they play nursery rhymes on a CD player in the garden. They just seem to be unaware or don't care how loud they are.
DS had a young pal over to play last week and you could tell that he's used to being able to make as much noise as he likes in their big, secluded garden as he was really loud!
I'd much rather have kid noise than adult noise though even though I work from home and it drives me bonkers at times

tbtc · 07/08/2015 23:51


but we do love it as well!

DadfromUncle · 07/08/2015 23:55

I also work from home, otherwise would probably be less bothered about building site scenario. No young kids around here weekdays, but grankids visit neighbours sometimes, I honestly love to hear them enjoyinb themselves - makes remember being a kid and having fun.

Dawndonnaagain · 07/08/2015 23:56

Deepest darkest Suffolk. I miss the sound of children playing.

HmmAnOxfordComma · 07/08/2015 23:59

I live in the middle of a city but in an area almost predominantly populated by young professionals or retirees. We have the only child on the street and he's 14. No screaming children around here.

Dontloookbackinanger · 07/08/2015 23:59

I CRINGE for my poor neighbours, both elderly couples trying to potter in their gardens with all the racket. They must hate us!!! Sad

^^ a complete aside, but I'm curious. I just wondered why you wouldn't stop your children screaming if it is impacting your neighbours and making you cringe?

Babyroobs · 08/08/2015 00:03

We have screaming kids one side that seem to scream inside or out, and a very yappy dog the other side. I never sit out in the garden.

ReginaBlitz · 08/08/2015 00:35

Unfortunately (for everyone elseGrin) mine are the only kids you hear around here. I have a small allotment at the bottom of garden and neighbours on either side don't have kids. I have the annoying kids that shout you when your in the garden and ask what you're doingGrin

Cutthegra55 · 08/08/2015 00:46

The Highlands (assuming you mean Scotland) also have built up housing estates where children live.

CalmYoBadSelf · 08/08/2015 01:31

On the Costa Geriatrica of the North here so no noise as neighbours all very elderly

In our previous house however, when my DCs were small, I remember saying to an older neighbour that I hoped our noise did not bother him and he replied that in his opinion there was no lovelier sound than happy children. I hope I always remember that

Adarajames · 08/08/2015 01:53

I have a garden but it's noisy with groups of louts in park behind having rows / fights / their dogs having fights especially in the hotter weather, next doors adult son that lives with older couple having swearing ranting rows at times, and today, upstairs neighbour screeching at her child who'd burnt herself on iron but apparently lied about it by not telling her mother, who proceeded to promise to 'beat her' for lying, followed by rather too many slaps and sobbing child Angry I'd've thought it was more usual to check the child was ok and treat the burns than slap her?!! So not happy with today's noise at all! Some days though it's much more pleasant, and can enjoy sound of happy kids playing, that is a good sound as pp have said.
Oh and used to live in a field (literally!) in Somerset, beautifully peaceful there, apart from The few weeks when Glastonbury festival took over what was basically our next door neighbours garden, wasn't anywhere near as nice then!!

EchoOfADistantTide · 08/08/2015 06:38

Rural Canada Grin

drinkscabinet · 08/08/2015 06:42

I grew up on a farm in the far north of Scotland but we could still hear the neighbours despite them being a field or two away. In the country there's less traffic noise so you are very aware of other noises like the birds (noisy buggers in the morning), children playing some distance away, a squeaky bike approaching on the road and leaving and of course the constant roar of the sea a few miles away.

fourtothedozen · 08/08/2015 06:48

The highlands can be searingly noisy with the number of military jets doing low flying training operations

simplesusan · 08/08/2015 07:01

I live in a house with a big garden.
Whilst sat in my lounge with the window open, I can hear the neighbour whose garden backs onto mine.
He shouts from his garden, through to his lounge then across to his next door neighbours, then finally through to someone at the front of his property.

All the while I'm thinking for goodness sake go Upto the person and speak to them in a reasonable voice.

I would replace his foghorn go. With the sound of laughing children any day.

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