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Why, when MN appears so 'London-centric', there appear to be no threads relating to the tube strike - either for or against?

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MoonlightS0nata · 06/08/2015 07:28

Surely a lot of people on MN have been affected. Or are they too busy trying to get to work to post anything?

OP posts:

Whenwillwe3meetagain · 06/08/2015 07:35

Or still in bed on mat leave thanking my lucky stars I don't have to battle in to work.
I think we are so fed up with them there isn't much to say.


Enjoyingthepeace · 06/08/2015 07:36

Good question.

As an ex Londoner, my view is that we generally take stuff like this on the chin. It's a pain the in the arse, but so many love their city that we just put up with it.
Plus, it's summertime. So walking to your overground station or home, is not so unpleasant as if peeing it down with rain.


EdithWeston · 06/08/2015 07:39

I've seen one this morning (asking why they're striking) and a few about expected traffic and alternative routes.

Although I can see why threads asking for specific advice are short and to the point, I've no idea why more general ones sometimes 'trend' [vom] or turn into tumbleweed.


LaurieFairyCake · 06/08/2015 07:40


It took me a while to find a detailed list of reasons as the unions haven't put it on their main websites.

It's ridiculous they don't make the reasons accessible enough so the public have a chance to decide and support them,


Howlingwithlaughter · 06/08/2015 07:44

An inconvenience but what can you do? Thankfully I work locally now but DH still works in London. Today he has to get from Euston to Canary Wharf without the tube. Walking shoes and headphones on and off he goes! At least it's not raining!


Totality22 · 06/08/2015 07:46

I'm on ML. Although when at I walk anyway (20 mins) and I was about a half an hour away from my old office - again I used to walk everyday. I've not personally been affected by a strike in many years!!! Although being one of the very few people who make it in on strike day is a pain, everyone else works from home in their pj's

Self employed OH has lost 2 days money with the recent strikes though as he is relying on 3 tube lines to get to work (getting busses on strike day is just horrific)

BIL is a tube driver so I see both sides.


NewFlipFlops · 06/08/2015 07:51

We're just used to stuff. People are always inconveniencing us.

I'm against striking but have a lot of sympathy for the workers having their T&Cs changed radically. Actually am against the night tube as London is noisy and tacky enough without constantly enabling 'revellers' and arseholes generally but that's another subject.


outtolunchagain · 06/08/2015 07:57

I am meant to be in London today but have decided not to go, I am missing a booked event but it's not worth the hassle


buffythemuffinslayer · 06/08/2015 08:03

I commute into central from zone 2 and to be honest after the last strike am just bored of it all. First world problems for me, not worth whinging about.

Getting the bus in a bit - expect to be late and have accounted for that.


FurtherSupport · 06/08/2015 08:04

Because on MN it's only children who have to use public transport and they're all on holiday Grin


IrenetheQuaint · 06/08/2015 08:06

I am working at home today because of the strike and still in bedGrin


LindyHemming · 06/08/2015 08:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babayaggatheboneylegged · 06/08/2015 08:12

It's a faff and a half getting to and from work but I totally understand and support the reasons for the strike. I wish I worked in an industry where industrial action was still possible!

And then tomorrow everything will go back to normal and no one will have died.


bedraggledmumoftwo · 06/08/2015 08:14

Had to get from Heathrow to kings cross last night, did cost me an extra £21 I wasn't intending to spend as I had to get the Heathrow express plus a bus, instead of sitting on the Piccadilly, I expect HEx will be taking it in today as well.


Belleview · 06/08/2015 08:18

Londoners are flexible and don't moan much? Adaptable and upbeat city.


EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs · 06/08/2015 08:18

I'm coming in from Zone 2 as well, caught the bus very early, nice breakfast on the South Bank and leaving early to beat the rush (hopefully).

I've seen the Metro headlines about the tube staff getting 52 days holiday and earning twice what I do, but I haven't read their side of it yet... And the Metro stuff was so outrageous that there must be more to it, surely.

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