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commentappele · 04/08/2015 23:18

Feeling very low. I know I'm not in the worst position, but have sunk into a slump and feeling low. I'm currently unemployed and beginning to feel like I'm running on empty. I've started to feel suicidal. It's been seven months now. Am getting interviews, several to final stage, but no offers. My confidence is now ebbing and lack of routine, direction, combined with uncertainty and isolation are making me feel blank and out of touch. I feel lost and worried. Struggling to keep pushing forward.

OP posts:

TheRealAmyLee · 04/08/2015 23:44

Your reaction is understandable but you need professional help to get on top of this. Meds from gp and councelling would hopefully help you see your value again. Low confidence will be what is holding you back in interviews. You can do this but please get some help and seek support. Flowers


DoJo · 04/08/2015 23:52

Finding a job will feel like a huge uphill struggle if you are battling against these feelings - getting through the day is a huge achievement, so don't be down on yourself for finding it hard to do much more, especially something as challenging as finding work. Speaking to someone about how you feel, asking for help and accepting the support of those who are qualified to do so are all much more important than anything else. You can do it - you deserve to be happy. Flowers


amarmai · 05/08/2015 02:04

you are clearly going to get an offer when you have had so many interviews going well. Keep on going- you're getting there.


Fauchelevent · 05/08/2015 03:33

Gosh - I'm in so much of the same position. Get to the interview stage but absolutely no joy, pushing me deeper into depression.

I don't have any advice but know that you're not alone.


MillionToOneChances · 05/08/2015 03:39

Sounds like you're doing really well with your job search, just need a bit of luck or a final push to be the one selected. Are you applying through an agency? If not, maybe you should as they might be able to give you some tips.

If you're feeling that low, your GP can definitely help. Calling the Samaritans is another option: 08457 90 90 90


MillionToOneChances · 05/08/2015 03:41

Can the job centre offer you any training that might give your CV that extra edge? Doing something positive might improve your mood, too.

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