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Ymre Stiekema photo

48 replies

Happy36 · 31/07/2015 15:55

What do we make of it?

I am not sure what I think yet.

My first thought is why is she photographed wearing a bikini while jogging with the pushchair but the male model gets to wear shorts and a T-shirt. Shouldn´t he be in Speedos or she be in running kit?

OP posts:

Nativity3 · 31/07/2015 20:18

Have no idea what you're on about.. Have you got a link?


FarFromAnyRoad · 31/07/2015 20:20

Huh? Confused


LavenderLeigh · 31/07/2015 20:22

Is it an anagram?


Givemecoffeeplease · 31/07/2015 20:25


PourquoiTuGachesTaVie · 31/07/2015 20:32

I agree with you - they should both be in swimwear or both in running gear.


PurpleSwift · 31/07/2015 20:34

Silly outfit but I can't see why people are offended


steff13 · 31/07/2015 20:38

If they're trying to market the stroller to women who run, it seems like they would show a woman in actual running gear. I've never seen anyone running in a bikini, unless she was on the beach. That said, it's not really something that I can be bothered to be upset about.


Twinkie1 · 31/07/2015 20:39

If that's what she wears running I don't see the issue.

Feck me, I think I'd wear that if I had a body like that. It must take some serious work (well it would for me, I'm old enough to be her mother!)


Ubik1 · 31/07/2015 20:41

I just sort of don't care about the picture.


SantanaLopez · 31/07/2015 20:50

You mean you don't wear a bikini daily? You know, just nipping to the shops or down to the park?


I think it's a hoot.


VulcanWoman · 31/07/2015 20:58

I think it was taken in Venice Beach California, wouldn't be out of place there, might be a good idea to have a re think for UK market though.


ElkeDagMeisje · 31/07/2015 21:07

Its a similar running outfit to what you see top runners wearing on the track (male runners always wear shorts and vests, not crop tops), and would be normal in many parts of the world e.g. Florida.

I guess Bugaboo pictured her because she is a actually a new mother.

I'd be more concerned about her heel striking, even with that physique, she's never going to be fast.


Hellotherehowareyoudoing · 31/07/2015 21:09

I struggle to care ;)


LadyCuntingtonThe3rd · 31/07/2015 21:26

If I had a body like that I'd be wearing a bikini everywhere. Her DC is 2 years old, so not that new mother. She had enough time to get back in shape.


Teladi · 31/07/2015 21:28

Which buggy is that? The wheels look good for running (while clothed)


SoupDragon · 31/07/2015 21:28

It seems it was actually a Vogue shoot and not a Bugaboo promotion.


WorraLiberty · 31/07/2015 21:30

I guess Bugaboo pictured her because she is a actually a new mother.

How many kids has she got then?

The one in the Bugaboo is over 2yrs old.


ThroughThickAndThin01 · 31/07/2015 21:30

Strange running gear therefore it just looks like a photo shoot.


Happy36 · 31/07/2015 22:49

I´m glad it´s not just me. Like others have said, I feel a bit confused by the whole thing.

OP posts:

Mrsfrumble · 01/08/2015 00:02

As others have pointed out, her daughter is 2, so she's hardly newly post-partum. And she looks like that because her job depends on it.

At least the image doesn't come with one if those shitty "what's your excuse?" captions. They really piss me off because of their failiure to recognize that some women may have other priorities and interests than getting a six pack. I'd quite like a six pack, as I'd quite like a Phd and to be good enough at sewing to make my own clothes. But evidently not enough to put in the required effort, and I don't need to make excuse myself to anyone.

Anyway, back on topic... I own a Bugaboo, and it's a great pushchair, but with their designer collaborations and advertising they focus waaaay to much on "pushchair as an aspirational lifestyle choice" when their selling point is actually good design and quality.


chocolatechip123 · 01/08/2015 00:15

I just can't nip out to the corner shop for a pack of fags without being papped. Sheesh.


Mrsfrumble · 01/08/2015 00:32

Grin chocolatechip

Wouldn't it be awesome if she was on her way to the corner shop for a can of coke, a bag of Quavers and a copy of Take a Break?


pigsDOfly · 01/08/2015 00:39

I'm trying to imagine seeing a woman running in a small bikini in my local country park. No, just won't work.

As pp said, they could probably do with a different image for the British market.

I do think she looks awfully thin, but offended, why would anyone be offended by it?


WorraLiberty · 01/08/2015 00:42

I think she looks lean and athletic rather than awfully thin.

She has a similar body to every female athlete I've seen on TV, running around a racing track.


ThoseAwfulCurtains · 01/08/2015 00:43

Offended? Why?
puzzled? Maybe.

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