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to get annoyed when colleague keeps butting in...

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cjt110 · 28/07/2015 12:21

... when I say Im just doing some invoicing (needs concentration) or said colleague can see I am on the phone (although I do wear a headset). Like just now, said colleague has but in whilst I was on the phone, albeit I was holding for someone, to say how the envelope for the tuckbox money in the kitchen has been moved (said colleague went to get something from there). Wouldnt mind but that isnt even urgent! And it was on the shelf above the tuck box ffs!

It niggles at me when you say to someone Im just going to do so and so and they carry on interupting you anyway. I have tried reminding said colleague, i'm on the phone/invoicing etc but said colleague seems to just ignore the reminders too.

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Allbymyselfagain · 28/07/2015 12:28

I know just hold up one finger, don't look up and carry on what im doing. I know it's rude but it's no more fucking rude than interrupting me in the first place. My annoying colleague is now starting to realise interrupting or talking over me doesn't get them what they want so they wait until I am free most of the time.

TBF the first time anyone new does it to me I apologise afterwards and explain that is very difficult if I lose what I am saying/doing it takes me a long time to get it back which is not ideal if I am in the middle of a phone negotiation or important email. Most people understand, im just training the annoying one! Grin

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