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To reconnect with a friend

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DameDoom · 27/07/2015 18:22

I am overjoyed, cock-a-hoop and completely thrilled that a friend [we never fell out; just drifted] is happy to have me and DH over for dinner next week.
I will never let a valued friendship go stale again. If some of yours are but you still really like and care for that person ...make the effort.

OP posts:

fabuLou · 27/07/2015 18:24

How did it come about?


DameDoom · 27/07/2015 18:45

fabu I just emailed her. I'm so glad I did. Our friendship will be totally different from now on but she will, hopefully, be my friend again. Be honest and yourself and I bet you'll shock yourself. Do it.

OP posts:

froggyjump · 27/07/2015 19:33

That's lovely - I met an old Uni friend and her daughter today. The daughter is 16 and we haven't met since before she was born! It was really nice, and hopefully they will be coming here for dinner sometime soon (Daughter is competing in an event in our city, they live 400 miles away)


Shenanagins · 27/07/2015 20:28

Same thing happened to me and it's great being back in touch. I'm so glad that I sent off the email.

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