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AIBU about Ben Affleck?

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AlwaysSpoiled34 · 27/07/2015 03:47

What is it about guys like him? You obviously know he will never be a great husband but you stay together for so many years? Guys like him love to have forgiving wives but only appreciate them when it is too late. All this drinking, gambling and girls - because he needs FUN, his life was not supposed to be so boring. He will always find another woman but he needs Jennifer in his life. Without her he will be in trouble.

OP posts:
RonaldosAbs · 27/07/2015 18:41


Where has she publicly stated that she had fertility treatment? Or are you just assuming that because she had twins? You don't know these people...

Also, maybe they just didn't want to have children together?

Neednewflowers · 27/07/2015 18:54

What's he supposed to have done?

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