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To want to go non contact?

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willowwaters · 23/07/2015 07:49

Going non contact is so often mentioned on here that it almost sounds easy, but how?

How do you go non contact when you have property you jointly own (don't both live there.)

How do you go non contact when you are their only source of emotional and practical support?

Sometimes I want to move far away - but why should I, when this isn my home and life too?

How do you do it?

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Sighing · 23/07/2015 07:56

Separate the finances or some contact is necessary.
Condensing everything into a m9nthly email.

You have to decide not to be the emotional and practical support. Say "I'm out".
Stop providing that support.
Not easy.


ollieplimsoles · 23/07/2015 07:57

It depends on the circumstances op, going nc isn't an easy decision when its family and especially when children are involved.

Who is it in the family you are having trouble with?

No contact can be tricky between ex partners too, you might what to go no contact from your abusive ex, but if you have children with him their are some who will argue that contact always has to be there so he has access to the kids.


willowwaters · 23/07/2015 07:59

It is my brother.

He almost certainly has autism but I just can't keep having the same conversations, the same anxieties, the same misery, the same dramas, dumped on me on a daily basis.

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musicalbingo · 23/07/2015 08:58

You have my sympathy willows

I had a strained to the point of almost unbearable relationship with a sibling (also a brother) and I actually went NC for over a year.
I really surprised myself when I finally realised/accepted being NC actually upset me more?! Further down the road, we now have a much better (but no where near perfect!) relationship

Perhaps a silly question but have you already tried minimising/controlling contact and boundary setting?
Also do you have any other siblings?


willowwaters · 23/07/2015 09:27

No other siblings or family.

He just won't accept boundaries of any sort.

I'm so fed up.

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