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To be Christmas ahopping

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Busybuzzybumblebee · 22/07/2015 21:19

I know it's really early but we're not exactly flush so I start really early, got a few bits this month. To add to it all my dc bday is early jan before the jan payday, so have to get both sets of pressies. Anyway it happened to come up at work and you'd think I'd just shat in the floor the horrified reaction. I thought it was normal to start early???? Or is it just me?

OP posts:
Fluffyears · 22/07/2015 21:41

I get one from September then my wage indecber lasts longer...since it's 6 weeks from payday to end of January Envy also I avoid shops on December as they are too crowded and I fainted during Christmas Eve crowd in a shop once...,never ever again! Yanbu but keep it to yourself or you'll get this shit from others!

ilovesooty · 22/07/2015 21:42

I don't suppose it makes any difference to anyone when you do your Christmas shopping.

iwanttogotothechaletschool · 22/07/2015 21:43

I booked pantomime tickets back in February, now that is depressing! The theatre put them on sale in January and they were nearly sold out by the time I booked.

Busybuzzybumblebee · 22/07/2015 21:43

Sooty, I'm not saying it does make any difference, my question (again) was when other people started to do theirs. Not sure why you're being so snarky about it

OP posts:
Noseypoke · 22/07/2015 21:43

Mrshathaway, which bank is that? I've been looking for one I can label my accounts like that.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 22/07/2015 21:44

Well if you're unreasonable so am I.
I sorted everyone last week. Aside from my dd who I will buy for weekly and my Dnephew who I will just do a little goody bag and put £20 in a card.
I am normally the one you see running around like a headless chicken in Home and Bargain on Christmas Eve. Grin

pickingstrawberries · 22/07/2015 21:45

Oh I don't know what people buy that means Christmas needs to start in July!

MrsHathaway · 22/07/2015 21:47

Nosey I want to say First Direct because that's where our joint account is but it's possibly Nationwide... DH manages it all online and I just spend it Grin

ipswichwitch · 22/07/2015 21:51

I've started. It easier I guess that the DC are younger and easier to buy for than older kids I know who change their mind every 5mins. I've saved a small fortune getting presents in the sales, which is good for us as money is a bit tight. I also buy clothes in the sales for the DC in the next size up so I can spend a few months building their wardrobe rather than going "oh shit they have nothing that fits anymore" ad having to do a big clothes shop all at once. Usually for both of them since they like to go up clothes sizes at the same time Hmm
I also have a 6 week month to stretch my December pay over, so there's no way I want to be using any of that for presents. I don't get why some people are so horrified. Not like you're making them pay for it.

Noodledoodledoo · 22/07/2015 21:52

I start about now - plus I have my niece and nephews birthday between now and Christmas - I used to buy them 'summer' presents in the summer sale for their presents ie water table bargain!

I did my first two this week - helps the budget and I get things when I see them as I have some people who are really hard to buy for so if I see something I get it then! I do the same for birthdays as well.

My mum used to start Christmas shopping in January!

pickingstrawberries · 22/07/2015 21:53

I'm not horrified, just curious. How much do you buy for your children?

msgrinch · 22/07/2015 21:53

Isn't there a Christmas topic for this? It's July!

ClashCityRocker · 22/07/2015 21:56

See, I tried starting early to spread the cost, but just ended up twitching and adding loads more tut in December, which defeated the object.

I do start to think about what I might like to get people/activities to do quite early on, which will influence what I put away.

Also, I like shopping in December - the smell of chestnuts and mulled wine in the air, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, the Sally army brass band playing - wouldn't be the same in July.

gincamelbak · 22/07/2015 21:57

Too early. Waaaay too early.
I understand about needing to stretch funds. I tend to shop online where possible from November and use camelcamelcamel to check prices of things on amazon against 3rd party retailers. And google items to find the cheapest prices and using club card or boots points.

If I started now, I'd forget either what I'd bought or where I'd put it.

Noodledoodledoo · 22/07/2015 21:57

I don't buy a huge amount but a few bits here and there when you see it means I don't have any month with a huge bill. I have a number of friends children we buy for and family etc and all the small £5-15 soon add up!

MrsPeeee · 22/07/2015 21:57

I've started too as baby #2 is due early December so I want it all done by then. I'll be making and freezing a lot of my Christmas dinner in October but I guess that's another thread!

Birdsgottafly · 22/07/2015 21:58

I've got an expensive year from October, so I've started shopping in the sales.

I've also bought my winter coat, for the third of the price.

DoreenLethal · 22/07/2015 21:58

Nobody cares. But enjoy today - whilst the summer is here. People that wish their lives away do my nut in.

troubleinstore · 22/07/2015 21:59

I buy when I see something nice for a person I have to buy a gift for... makes it easier buying it when I see it, rather than waiting until December and racking my brains trying to think of something. Started already with hair straighteners for my daughter I found in the sale, and some jewellery.

Birdsgottafly · 22/07/2015 22:00

I also wanted personalised items that were only available for the U.S. Often I'm ordering from China, so I wouldn't get the gifts I want, if I left it until November.

stayanotherday · 22/07/2015 22:04

I've almost finished and bought things from the supermarket. I've seen Christmas sweets in Poundland. It's a great idea. As well as budgeting, it saves a rush later on.

ipswichwitch · 22/07/2015 22:05

We don't really buy that much - one main present (DS2 getting a toy wooden workbench this year) and a handful of smaller ones (accessories to go with the workbench like a hard hat, toy drill, that sort of thing), and some stocking fillers.
Both DC have winter birthdays too, so I buy for them in the sales as well. We really have saved a lot doing it this way, and I'm sad enough to have a spreadsheet to keep track of what I bought and where I hid it Grin I found it makes me think a bit more about what to get people, then spend time looking for the best deal rather than panic buying everything in December and spending way more than I wanted because I actually hate shopping and just want to get the hell outta there (which is what I used to do).

RabbitsarenotHares · 22/07/2015 22:08

I met up with a friend a few days after Christmas last year. Arrived early, so popped into the Post Office which happened to have a sale on. Bought birthday present for my Goddaughter whose birthday is in August, and Christmas presents for children of various friends. With 35% off I wasn't going to turn my nose up at it, esp as I knew redundancy was in the pipeline.

So, in my opinion, YABU. Why have you left it so late??????

IssyStark · 22/07/2015 22:15

I bought my first Xmas presents (pjs for the dc) in the January sales, made the Xmas puddings in March and jams, jellies and chutneys this month. So no, I don't think you are BU. Smile

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour · 22/07/2015 22:30

I do an advent box of books for my dcs for which I buy Christmas themed books all year round, whenever I see them (usually in charity shops etc) I have probably about 50-60 books stashed in my present cupboard so I'm thinking I might make up a box or two for my nieces and nephews too. Also bought Christmas PJ's and clothing for my dcs for Christmas eve and day in the January sales.

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